Heathen release music video for Sun in My Hand

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Bay Area thrashers Heathen have just released a music video for the song, Sun in My Hand. Their 4th studio album, The Empire of the Blind, was released on September 18th via Nuclear Blast Records. The band issued the following statement on their Facebook account:

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Thanks to all of the HEATHEN fans and headbangers everywhere for your legendary patience over the last 10 years. The moment has finally arrived, and we are very proud to share our new creation with you via the best metal label on the planet, Nuclear Blast! Without the support of the fans, heavy metal would have no voice. So lift your fucking glasses high, grab your copy of 'Empire Of The Blind', and in the immortal words of Rich Burch, ‘Bang that head that doesn’t bang!' Cheers!

Order the album and listen to it here: nuclearblast.com/heathen-eotb

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The band also released videos for Empire of the Blind and The Blight. The artwork for The Empire of the Blind was illustrated by Travis Smith. Heathen’s previous studio album – Evolution of Chaos was released in 2010.

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The Empire of the Blind tracklist:

01.‘The Rotting Sphere’
02. ‘The Blight’
03. ‘Empire Of The Blind’
04. ‘Dead And Gone’
05. ‘Sun In My Hand’
06. ‘Blood To Be Let’
07. ‘In Black’
08. ‘Shrine Of Apathy’
09. ‘Devour’
10. ‘A Fine Red Mist’
11. ‘The Gods Divide’
12. ‘Monument To Ruin’

Heathen lineup:

David White (vocals)
Lee Altus (guitar)
Kragen Lum (guitar)
Jason Mirza (bass)
Jim DeMaria (drums)

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