Listen to VARGR, a never-before-heard project by the late Steeve Hurdle of Gorguts/Negativa!

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Listen to VARGR, a never-before-heard project by the late Steeve Hurdle of Gorguts/Negativa!

BIG NEWS for all my dissonant minions!  VARGR is a  death/doom metal band created in 1997 by the dissonant guitar god, Big Steeve Hurdle (Purulence, Gorguts, Negativa) on the guitar and vocals, and Stephane Bélanger (Obliveon) on the drums & vox. The band was later reinforced by Stephane Picard on bass (Obliveon). The band entered the studio with their friend Mathieu Bérubé in March 1998 with 3 songs finished but VARGR disbanded due to the Steeve Hurdle’s health complications. Here is the official statement from the band’s mastermind, Stephane Bélanger:

“The EP – The Abduction will be released on PRC Music as a limited 300 CD copies edition. It will be released on December 20th and will be available on exclusively for now... I am still searching for an opportunity to release it on vinyl...
The first single "Please Don't Hurt Me" is now available here :

More teasers available on my website

He continues: “Steeve and I had been friend for a few years... Ever since his first band Purulence had come around... Purulence and Obliveon (whom I was managing at that time) were good friends... So we both loved a lot of the same bands and we started to jam just for fun... Then Steeve started to come up with some riffs ideas and we both decided we should start putting some songs together. We only had those 3 songs done and finished and we were just beginning the first few riffs of a 4th song when we recorded the EP. We never had the time to finish and mix the whole the EP before the unthinkable happened. And that was that... Only about 17 years later did I run into the guy who had recorded that EP with us  (Mathieu Berube) and that's when we came up with the idea of finishing the damn thing!”

Steeve Hurdle died on May 20th 2012. You can check out our tribute to the god of dissonance here! His spot in the band was filled by the legendary producer & guitarist  Pierre Remillard.

“He's guitar player for Obliveon and a close friend for more than 30 years... He is the owner of the Wild Studio and a sound engineer extra-ordinaire... He's THE ONLY guy that came to mind when I chose for the final mixing... And while we were mixing, we had so much fun... So I brought up the idea of reactivating the band with him on guitars... and he said yes right away... We will work in this project in our spare times.” says Bélanger.

You can aslo check out the trailer for 3 songs on the official VARGR website:  Ugly Faces (The Abduction)”, “Please Don’t Hurt Me“ & „The Confrontation“.

Contact PRC MUSIC below: (Label + shop)
Contact VARGR c/o Stéphane Bélanger below:
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