Messer Chups to play 3 shows in Serbia!

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Legendary Russian surf-rock band Messer Chups is back in Serbia! The band is currently on a European tour and will perform 3 shows in Serbia: in Niš, Belgrade, and Novi Sad. All of the events are promoted by Bad Music for Bad People. The first show will be held in Niš, on December 21st at Klub Feedback. Ticket price for the first show is 800 RSD in advance (Vintage Shop), and 1000 RSD on concert day.

Facebook event for the Niš concert:


Messer Chups will also perform in Belgrade in Antishop Electropionir on December 23rd. Tickets for the Belgrade show can be bought for 1500 RSD until December 22nd, and 2000 RSD on concert day. Tickets can be bought at Pub Brod and at Dnevni Chillton. The doors open at 19:00 while the concert will start at 20:00. This event is organised by Bad Music for Bad People and Aleksandar Delibašić.

Facebook event for the Belgrade concert:

The Russian surf-rock trio will also perform their 3rd show in Serbia, in Novi Sad, on December 24th at RKC Matka. The event is organized by Neokultura, Crime: Scene Collective and Bad Music For Bad People. Tickets can be bought for 1200 RSD at Mungos CD Shop and for 1600 RSD on concert day. Tickets for “Love Like Blood“ after-concert party is 200 RSD. The doors open at 20:30. Messer Chups perform at 21:00 while the Love Like Blood event starts at 22:30.


Facebook event for the Novi Sad concert:


Messer Chups is a surf-rock band formed in Saint Petersburg in 1998. They have released 17 studio albums. Right now, the band is performing as a trio with Oleg “Guitaracula“ Fomchenkov (guitar) Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva (bass) and Evgeny Lomakin (drums). Their latest album Visiting the Skeleton in the Closet was released in 2021.



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Messer Chups discography:

Chudovishe & Chudovishe (Beast and the Beast) (aka Monster & Monster) (1999) MC, CD

Miss Libido (2000) MC, CD

Bride Of The Atom (2000) MC, CD

Vamp Babes (2000) MC, CD

Black Black Magic (2002) CD

The Best Of Messer Chups: Cocktail Draculina (2002) CD

Crazy Price (2003) CD

Vamp Babes Upgrade Version 2004 (2004) CD

Crazy Price (new version) (2005) CD

Hyena Safari (2005) CD

Hyena Safari (2nd version)(2006) CD

Zombie Shopping (2007) CD

Best of The Best (2008) LP/CD

Heretic Channel (2009) CD/LP

Bermuda 66 (2010) CD

Surf Riders from The Swamp Lagoon (2011) CD

Church of Reverb (2012) CD/LP

The Incredible Crocotiger (2015) CD/LP

Spooky Hook (2015) CD/LP

Taste the Blood of Guitaracula (2017) CD

Mondo Harp (2019) CD

Don’t Say Cheese (2020)
Visiting the Skeleton in the Closet (2021)ž

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