Motörhead fans from Belgrade, Serbia put up a memorial plate honoring Lemmy Kilmister

28/12/2017 Articles Share

Few days ago, a group of people from Belgrade, Serbia had put up a memorial plate honoring the late and great Lemmy Kilmister  of Motörhead , and branded it with two “Jack Daniels” bottles dipped in some white powder flour-like substance which we have no idea what it is.


Motörhead singer and bass player passed away at December 28, 2015, after a short and severe illness, leaving behind a legacy that will be retold in many a generation. Motorhead’s last studio effort, Bad Magic was released on August 28th 2015 via UDR Records. However, their latest release  Under Cöver,  which features  11 songs covered by Motörhead came out on September 1st .



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