Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secret served a psychedelic dinner for the Belgrade crowd!

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Dios mio! Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets did their 1st ever show in Belgrade, Serbia @Belexpo Center, and it was a night to remember! So I went to the venue only to find my friends there, Strahinja, Jonović (my website's proofreader), and his girlfriend. There were also a bunch of people from my hometown as well. The venue had seats (not again!). And then, the lights turned off and the band appeared on stage! Thanks to our photographer @Artnokmas who did some amazing photos from the show!  Sadly, instead of shooting the first 3 songs, the photographers could only take photos from the 1st half of the 1st song. What a disgrace!

For those of you who are living under a rock, Nick Mason is the original drummer of Pink Floyd. This was his first time in Belgrade, Serbia, in his 57-year-long music career! And by the way, the guy was born in 1944! He is 78 years old and still rocking!

                The first Pink Floyd song that I've ever heard (other than “The Wall”) was the very first song from the Meddle album – “One of These Days”. And man, o man! They opened the concert with the exact same track! Once they started playing, the entire crowd went insane! I just couldn’t resist and left my seat behind the mixing board. STANDING! And headbanging. Because sitting is for old people. And this track, well, it’s heavy, to say the least. One of the heaviest Pink Floyd ever did. Especially when you hear the line: ONE OF THESE DAYS, I’M GOING TO CUT YOU INTO LITTLE PIECES! Fuckin’ metal! That delayed bass just brings in the chills. And then the drums kick in. Pure perfection! Gotta admit this was one of the best moments of the entire show. They proceeded with a stellar psychedelic track – "Arnold Layne". The heaviness dropped but the LSD vibe kicked in really fast! What a shift! They then proceeded with a classic Pink Floyd song – "Fearless". Them feels. Simply put, breathtaking! Then, the band started playing "Obscured by Clouds", another stellar instrumental track from the album of the same name. Right after, they continued with "When You’re In" and "Candy and the Currant Bun". At this point, the security forced everyone to sit which was a bummer. And from then onwards, I was forced to sit my way down through the entire show.  After that, they played the unreleased track called "Vegetable man", a song written by the late legend of psychedelic rock and THE brain, heart, and soul of Pink Floyd - Syd Barret (RIP LEGEND! YOU WERE THE BEST!). This was actually the very first time I heard this track and I loved it on the first take! Amazing!

After that, they started playing a classic acoustic tune – "If". Makes you wanna cry like a little baby. And if someone would tell me that they would kick off with "Atom Heart Mother", I wouldn’t believe him. But they did! Goddamn! Pure awesomeness! My friend Jonović started crying on this one. He is such a fanboy! Of course, they didn’t play it in its entirety (23 minutes) but still! It’s one of the tracks that I thought I would never hear live. Jeez! The band then came back to “If (reprise)”. And man! I really couldn’t believe that they would play “Remember a Day”. That’s one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs! I feel so lucky! Pure live perfection! I still get the creeps! Then, out of the blue, they started playing the infamous "Set The Controls for the Heart of the Su"“. That one is also one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs of all time! But for the record, I will just say that I prefer the studio version. It was good, but nothing can match the original! The band then went on a break and returned in 10 minutes or so.


The 2nd part of the concert was just a killer! Classic after classic! Masterpiece after masterpiece! They continued with a psychedelic banger – "Interstellar Overdrive". You can call it a heavy metal song, for that’s what it is! That one was followed by yet another magnificent track "Astronomy Domine". And if that wasn’t enough, they then started playing "Nile Song"! By the gods! Another "Pink Floyd goes heavy metal" track! They then started playing one of the best songs from Obscured by Clouds album – "Burning Bridges". Surreal! And as if it wasn’t enough, they jumped to "Childhood’s End". MAN! Now I can die at any given moment! For sure, this was one of the best moments of the entire concert! After that, they announced a song dedicated to Syd Barret, and I knew that they were gonna play "Lucifer Sam". Just brilliant! Pink Floyd’s surf rock + heavy metal song! But, by far the best moment of the entire concert was when they started playing "Echoes". It just can’t get any better than that! These are moments that you live for!  The band just nailed it! Hands down! Everybody was mindblown at that point!

As for the encore, they played "See Emily Play", one of the classic tunes from the pure psychedelic era of Pink Floyd. Then, they started "Saucerful of Secrets". And finally, the concert was closed with "Bike". I hate that song so much! LOL! Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets is the closest you can get to early Pink Floyd (from Piper at the Gates of Dawn to Obscured by Clouds  i.e. 1967-1971). The band was flawless! Nick Mason is still a brilliant drummer, even though he is a 78-year-old legend! The crowd was fantastic as well, the band got many standing ovations throughout the entire set. And you can literally see that their fans are people in their early teen years, and even grandpas and grandmas, 60+. The concert started at 8:30 and ended at 11. They literally played for 2.5  hours and still did everything perfectly! This is the night to remember! All the people who missed the show should just look at the setlist. Because, they were missing a lot! After the concert, the fans gathered around the tour bus to get their vinyls autographed. Strahinja was lucky enough to get 2 vinyls signed. Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets served us psychedelic dinner. And we all love it!


Nick Mason and the Saucerful of Secrets live in Belgrade setlist:


One of These Days

Arnold Lane


Obscured By Clouds

When You're In

Candy And a Currant Bun

Vegetable Man


Atom Heart Mother

If (Reprise)

Remember a Day

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Interstellar Overdrive

Astronomy Domine

The Nile Song

Burning Bridges

Childhood's End

Lucifer Sam


See Emily Play

A Saucerful of Secrets




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