Return to the Abyss - Suffocation plays in Novi Sad, Serbia!

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After a 10-year break, the legendary New York based death metallers, Suffocation will play in an abyss called Serbia again. This time,  Suffocation will be infecting the crypts of Novi Sad city  (August 13th) in a club called Fabrika ! The band will be promoting their upcoming release ...Of the Dark Light, so make sure you don’t miss this!  Their latest album will be released on June 9th. Eternal gratitude to Serbian Hellbangers who are behind this event! Finally, Serbia will get a dose of metal we need! And yes, we all hope that  Frank Mullen will be performing with Suffo guys as well! Gotta hear those growls!

Ticket price: Early Bird: 1500 dinars (until May 15th), preorder 2000 dinars & 2500 dinars at the day of the event. Tickets can be purchased in Mungos (Novi Sad), Felix shop (Belgrade) and at Gigstix.

P.S. Suffocation guys,  if you see this, please play Torn into Enthrallment on that concert or Jesus is going To Weep Once More.

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