Watch Kreator’s Ventor playing the biggest drum kit in the world!

18/08/2020 Articles Share

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Subscribe to our youtube channel! 

That’s right!  Recently, Kreator shared a video where their drummer,  Jürgen “Ventor” Reil is playing the “biggest drum kit in the world” at Turock in Essen, Germany. Apparently, Ventor got this drum kit from and showed his skill in this 6-minute video. “I think I will spend some time on the blocks because I don’t have any. Let’s see how they perform.“ stated Ventor before he started blasting those drums!  I wonder how “Terrible Certainty“ would sound like on these!

Ventor is one of the founding members of Kreator. He also sang on quite a few Kreator songs such as: “Endless Pain“, “Storm of the Beast“,  “Son of Evil“, “Cry War“, “Living in Fear“, “Death is your Saviour“, “Riot of Violence“,  “Command of the Blade“, “As the World Burns“.

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