Watch Slave to the Grind documentary on YouTube!

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Watch Slave to the Grind documentary on YouTube!

That’s right! Slave to the Grind documentary is being streamed online for free via the official Death by Digital YouTube channel! The documentary was uploaded on March 19th and it already has over 26 000 views!  Here is the official info:

As we all are forced into an unprecedented pandemic it might be nice for us to have some films to watch during our downtime. I have friends from the worldwide grindcore community who have been struck by the Coronavirus in many different ways. If you wish to purchase the film on DVD: Please note that it will not ship until after this pandemic is lifted. If you wish to purchase the film for download, you can at

This hour and a half-long documentary features interviews with Scott Carlson of Repulsion, Shane Embury and Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, Justin Broadrick, Bill Steer (ex Napalm Death), Oscar Garcia and Pete Sandoval of Terrorizer, Richard Johnson and Scott Hull of Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ Pig Destoyer, Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation, Koen, Jan and Nils of Agathocles, Kevin Sharp, Danny Lilker, and Richard Hoak of Brutal Truth, Adam Jarvis of Misery Index, Tim More of Anal Cunt, Anders Jakobson and Jesper Liverod of Nasum, Beau Beasley of Insect Warfare, Erik Burke of Nuclear Assault, ex-Brutal Truth,  Marissa Martinez of Cretin, Jon Chang, Rob Marton and Dave Witte of Discordance Axis, Bryan Fajardo of P.L.F., Ben Falgoust of Soilent Green, Digby Pearson of Earache Records, Henry Clark, Rob Williams and Kurt Halbet of Siege, Gregg Paiva (Deadfest) Topon Das and Mel Mongeon of Fuck the Facts, Pavel and Sebastian of Antigama, Jon Lindqvist, Ethan McCarthy of Vermin Womb, Dan-Charge and Chainsaw of Deche Charge, Seb Dallaire of Fistfuck, Miloslav “Curby” Urbanec (Obscene Extreme), Alex Devost of Deboned, Tahako Komatsu of Unholy Grave, Den Williamson of Warsore, Keijo Niinimaa of Rotten Sound, Johnny Valles of Fiend, Bob Otis of Drop Dead, Seb Dallaire of Fist Fuck.

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