Agnostic Front’s documentary „Тhe Godfathers of Hardcore“ available via Showtime on Demand!

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Agnostic Front’s documentary „Тhe Godfathers of Hardcore“  available via Showtime on Demand!

That’s right! You can watch the band’s official documentary The Godfathers of Hardcore online! The trailer looks damn exciting to say the least! And for sure, it features some of the most prominent bands coming from the New York hardcore scene such as Madball!  The documentary also focuses on the madness surrounding every corner of NYC. Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma surely have a story to tell! You can find more about it here:

And, you can watch the whole damn thing here:

 Here is the official update:

Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma are lynchpins of New York Hardcore (NYHC), and their band Agnostic Front played a key role in defining, shaping and establishing the sound and cultural code of conduct for the still-thriving movement. Unlike the dozens of bands that have come and gone, leaving their indelible footprint along the way, Agnostic Front are still going strong, 11 studio albums into their 30-plus year career. In a landscape of increasing apathy and complacency, the messages Agnostic Front presents are as relevant today as they were in the ‘80s when the band members were impoverished, scrappy and ambitious, often fighting for their very survival as well as the perseverance of their volatile but highly inspirational band. Roger and Vinnie remain the very embodiment of hardcore, representing endurance, perseverance, brotherhood, strength against oppression and the will to keep going, obstacles be damned. Agnostic Front exist on a level all their own. . . a level of their own creation.

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