Artillery to release a new album - The Face of Fear in November

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Danish thrash metal veterans, Artillery, are back!  The band will release their 9th studio album titled The Face of Fear on November 16 via Metal Blade Records.  Their video for the selftitled song suggests that the band is still thrashy and melodic but also that the 80s threat of biological, chemical and nuclear warfare is more than relevant.

"The Face Of Fear" track listing:

  1. The Face Of Fear 
    02. Crossroads To Conspiracy 
    03. New Rage
    04. Sworn Utopia 
    05. Through The Ages Of Atrocity 
    06. Thirst For The Worst 
    07. Pain 
    08. Under Water (instumental) 
    09. Preaching To The Converted 
    10. Mind Of No Return (limited first-edition bonus track / re-recorded song from ARTILLERY's first demo from 1982) 
    11. Doctor Evil (limited first-edition bonus track / 2018 version)



Michael Bastholm Dahl - Vocals 
Michael Stützer - Guitars 
Morten Stützer - Guitars 
Peter Thorslund - Bass 
Joshua Madsen - Drums

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