Behold the Arctopus premieres a new track – Blessed in Disgust

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Behold the Arctopus premieres a new track – Blessed in Disgust



This is it! Behold the Arctopus is finally active! The band has just released a new single titled "Blessed in Disgust". This time, the band wanted to molest the cowbell as much as a 3:11 minute song allows them to. This sounds like some crazy offspring spawned from Watchtower & Blotted Science head-on collision.  The band has also reveled a new album title - Hapeleptic Overtrove which is going to be released on June 12th via Willowtip Records! New album will feature 9 tracks!  And even an instrumental "Other Realms" (lol). Make sure to pre-order your copy here!  


Hapeleptic Overtrove tracklist:

Adult Contemporary
Telepathy Apathy
Blessing in Disgust
Forgotten Explanations
Other Realms (Instrumental)
Perverse. Esoteric. Different
Hapeleptic Perspective Respect
Quithtion Overtrove

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