Bobby Gustafson (Satans Taint, ex-Overkill) joins Vio-Lence

07/02/2020 Articles Share

Bobby Gustafson (Satans Taint, ex-Overkill) joins Vio-lence

Great News! Legendary guitarist Bobby Gustafson (Satans Taint, ex-Overkill) has recently joined Bay Area thrashers Vio-Lence! Bobby Gustafson will formally join Vio-Lence in February, on Japan/Australia/New Zealand tour dates! New Vio-Lence lineup is: Sean Killian (vocals) Phil Demmel (guitar), Bobby Gustafson (guitar), Perry Strickland (drums), Deen Dell (bass). Bobby Gustafson released his 2nd Satans Taint album titled Destruction Ritual on August 2nd 2019. Bobby Gustafson was one of the founding members of Overkill and greatly contributed to the creation of classic Overkill albums: Feel The Fire (1987), Taking Over (1987), Under the Influence (1988), The Years of Decay (1989),

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