Burning Leaf stream their debut album Hold the Tides Away in its entirety!

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Serbian stoner/doom metal maniacs, Burning Leaf, have just released their album Hold the Tides Away in its entirety! Their first release comes with 8 tracks of crushing stoner/doom metal!

Burning Leaf was formed in 2010, in Pirot, Serbia. They have previously released two EPs ("Node Vol.1" in 2011 and "Node Vol.2" in 2012). After a 10-year break, the band is back on track with their very first album Hold the Tides Away. As the band states in their Facebook info:

The music is a groovy mix of several music genres, with themes inspired by personal experiences, life, and the past.


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Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Hold the Tides Away tracklist:


  • Carried by the Sun
  • Wings
  • Moonbound
  • Pulling the Chains
  • Watcher
  • Buried Roads
  • All I See
  • Lesser Pain



Band Lineup:

Vocalist: Aleksandar Kostic

Guitar: Nenad Golubovic

Guitar: Stanko Kostic

Bass Guitar: Uros Rakic

Drums: Pavle Jovanovski


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