Buy Entombed AD T-shirt to help Lars Petrov’s fight with cancer!

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Lars Goran Petrov, the main growler of Entombed AD was diagnosed with cancer last year. The band started selling T-shirts to help LG Petrov. The T-shirt features the legendary frontman and a sign LG Petrov against cancer. The band also organized the LG Support Night on February 27th in Drabantvagen 11, Jakobsberg.  The entrance is 50 Swedish kronas. For more information, contact LG Petrov was diagnosed with rare form of bile duct cancer called  Cholangiocarcinoma.

LG support Tshirt ! Message from our Metal friends! 🖤🙏🖤 We keep supporting our metal brother in his fight against...

Posted by Entombed A.D. on Thursday, January 28, 2021

You can also donate to the crowdfunding campaign to help our metal friend in need here!


Currently, the sum raised is 640 000 kronas out of 900 000 which is the goal of this fundraiser. Help our friend in need! Entombed AD released their 2nd studio album – Bowels of Earth on August 30th 2019 via Century Media Records. We were lucky enough to interview Lars Petrov at Exit festival. You can check out the interview here as well as some photos from the show.

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