Death Angel to release a new album in May!

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Death Angel to release new album in May!


Legendary Bay Area Thrashers Death Angel will release their newest studio effort Humanicide on May 31st via Nuclear Blast. Regarding the upcoming album, the band’s vocalist Mark Osegueda stated: I wanted to write something that metal fans could really grasp on to. Something dark and intense, that still makes sense. Right now, I think it's so apparent that the earth is in a sickened state."  Rob Cavestany adds: "When I wrote the music for our song 'Humanicide', I was shooting for an album opener that would have all the elements of an epic thrash opus. This meant a classic metal style intro leading into a ferocious 'Bay Area Thrash Riff-o-Rama' — complete with a crazy middle build-up section to ramp up the circle pit until it's all whipped up into a frenzy by the time the frenetic guitar solo hits, then concluding with a maniacal musical section leading into the outro. All it needed was the lyrics and vocal delivery to match the intensity and Mark went above and beyond the call of duty. Some of his best work, in my opinion. One of my favorite DA songs, for sure, it feels like the follow-up to our song 'Thrown To The Wolves'. Can't wait to play it live."


The band chose Jason Suecof  (Deicide, Trvium) for the producer of Audiohammer studios.

Cavestany: "I'm ecstatic to present DEATH ANGEL's ninth studio album, 'Humanicide'. This collection of songs represents the band in its current state — united, vital, intense and (still) hungry like the wolf! I wanted this record to be quite diverse stylistically while obviously keeping with the parameters of metal. DA has been known to push the envelope and we absolutely did this time. So many emotions are expressed through our music, I'm very much looking forward to adding these songs into our live set list. As I savor this rare feeling of satisfaction, we proudly unleash this beast upon thee."

"Humanicide" track listing:

  1. Humanicide
    02. Divine Defector 
    03. Aggressor 
    04. I Came For Blood 
    05. Immortal Behated 
    06. Alive and Screaming 
    07. The Pack 
    08. Ghost of Me 
    09. Revelation Song 
    10. Of Rats and Men 
    11. The Day I Walked Away (bonus track)

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