Ektomorf delivered pulverizing shock wave of teeth-gnashing grooves in Belgrade!

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Ektomorf delivered pulverizing shock wave of teeth-gnashing grooves in Belgrade!

All right! RTR Records brought to us an unforgettable head-banging night. The main act at Dom Omladine Americana hall was a Hungarian groove metal assault Ektomorf. The event started early, at 6:30 pm, due to the fact that 5 bands were about to play. The first band - Motorcharge was pretty damn good! This was my introduction to the band that sounds like a perfect mishmash of Saxon and Motorhead's glory days! And on top of that, like topping on your favorite meal, are the band's thrash metal influences. Funny enough, their front man is a Biff Byford lookalike and a proud wearer of Kreator's Coma of Souls patch. All in all, Motorcharge, as their name suggests, brought a highly energetic performance to our ears! Their supersonic assault is indistinguishable from the classic rock n roll vibe that will make you run around in circles, killing posers in the pit! To sum it up, their music stinks of coke, Jack Daniel’s and Lemmy!

The next band, The Phobos Ensamble  was one of the funniest and most diversified acts I've seen in ages! They labeled themselves as fun metal but as quirky as this may sound to you, these guys are killing it! The schizophrenic nature of their music has many faces to say the least! From what I heard, they are influenced by everythig from The Dillinger Escape Plan, new Exodus, Cattle Decapitation and a bunch of black metal! And from time to time, they would pull out these jazzy and clean guitar riffs that makes your brain giggle in disbelief! And the very performance and charisma of this band merged anger and aggression with happiness and their love for cats! Yes, you read it right! The guy dedicated one of the songs to all the cat lovers in the audience (Fenriz instantly comes to mind). And as if that wasn't funny enough, the band asked the whole audience to make photos of them, while they kept posing for 5 seconds or so. Absolutely hilarious! This was my first time hearing them at all, and I was blown to shreds! Such versatility, diversity and radical "genre changes" within a single song is what metal in general was always lacking. And kudos for the cat hat, you sick bastard!

 The next band, Soulline was absolutely killing it live, even though metalcore is not my cup of tea. Yes, they brought in some killer grooves but when compared to other bands, they didn’t make a good enough impression like the other guys did. And holy moly! Co-headliners Apey and the Pea pushed everything to a new level! I say that they are a (more than) successful merger of Gojira and Alice in Chains (the band I never liked)! The musical essence of this band are earthshaking grooves that made me run around the Americana hall and headbang as if I was possessed by the meanest voodoo spells! Regarding the vocals, that’s when the Alice in Chains vibe kicks in! By the gods, these guys almost stole the show from Ektomorf! The pinpoint of their performance was the moment when their guitarist came down into the crowd with his wireless guitar! What a sight! Metal AF! He even started pushing people a bit. This is the moment to remember and a band you must check out.

And the icing on the cake was Ektomorf’s show! Come on, these guys’ groove metal assault shook the very foundations of Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade! The band just finished  The Fury World Tour. As the title suggests, the songs from the latest album The Fury sound neck-snapping. Zoltan and the rest of the band were delivering pulverizing shockwaves of teeth-gnashing grooves throughout the whole concert. We were all blown away by Zoltan’s beastlike vocal savagery! And from the start, you could hear how well-coordinated the bands performance is! Csaba Zahoran’s bass tone sounded similar to Fieldy’s of Korn! When it comes to the music, Ektomorf selfishly sticks to their mantra-like AC/DC type of formula which makes them one of the best offspring of bands like Sepultura, Pantera and Soulfly! Ektomorf set ablaze the whole Americana hall with their furious, unstoppable performance! And the crowd was jumping and moshing nonstop! Pure head-banging madness! And when it comes to head-banging, Szebasztian Simon is a master head-banger! I wonder how his head is still on his shoulders! Ektomorf really knows how to animate the crowd and everybody who came to the show knows what I'm talking about! The band destroyed us with a thrash metal assault - The Prophets of Doom! One of the best, tribal-Max Cavalera moments on the show was when Ektomorf played the song Holocaust! Make no mistake, this was the concert to remember! And hello to the crowd from Zaječar! Shoutout to our photographer Artnokmas for shooting some great photos at the show! The only bad thing about this concert was low attendance. It is not so smart to  have a smaller band like Ektomorf play in Ameicana hall. Much bigger bands like Marduk or Decapicated, played in smaller hall and were filled to the brink. But, you have to learn from mistakes!


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