Evildead release a video for The Descending. New album United $tate$ of Anarchy to be released after 29 years!

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Los Angeles thrash metal veterans, EvilDead, are back in the game! They have just released a politically-charged video for the song The Descending. The band is better known for their infamous thrash classics Annihilation of Civilization (1989) and The Underworld (1991). Recently the band announced that they will release their third studio album The United $tate$ of Anarchy on October 30th via Steamhammer. The album will feature 10 songs with the total of 39 minutes of music. The United $tate$ of Anarchy was produced by Bill Metoyer. The band will cover the B-52’s song “Planet Claire 2020“. The album artwork for The United $tate$ of Anarchy was done by the legendary Ed Repka, who was also behind the artworks for the band’s previous albums Annihilation of Civilization and The Underworld. We ranked Annihilation of Civilization as #4 on our list of Ed Repka’s best 50 album covers! Evildead’s logo was also designed by Ed Repka.

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The United $tate$ of Anarchy track list:

  1. The Descending 3:12
    2. Word Of God 3:04
    3. Napoleon Complex 3:08
    4. Greenhouse 3:59
    5. Without A Cause 3:05
    6. No Difference 4:20
    7. Blasphemy Divine 2:57
    8. A.O.P. / War Dance 5:21
    9. Seed Of Doubt 5:27
    10. Planet Claire 2020 4:03 (LP/digital bonus track)

"United States Of Anarchy" will be released as a CD DigiPak version, LP version, download and stream through SPV•Steamhammer

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