Exhorder’s new album is on the way!

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Exhorder’s new album is on the way!


By the gods! New Orleans thrash metal veterans will give us another album after 27 years! They have entered OCD Studios in Metairie, Louisiana and chose Duane Simoneaux as a producer.  The album will be released under Nuclear Blast Records. We don’t have a title for it yet! Exhorder’s new lineup will feature 2 original band members – Vinnie LaBella (guitar) & Kyle Thomas (vocals).  They are joined by Jason Viebrooks on bass (Heathen) &  Marzi Montazeri  on the guitar (ex-Superjoint Ritual & Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals) + Sasha Horn (Forbidden) on the drums.

LaBella stated'We could have done this record almost anywhere we wanted to. We chose to do it — the main tracking — in New Orleans with Duane Simoneaux. You've heard Duane's work on a lot of CROWBAR stuff. He did a little work with DOWN, I think, and a lot of local stuff. He's an extreme fucking talent. He's helping me produce. He's a brilliant mind, man. I couldn't think of a better place or a better person to capture these tracks right here in our own hometown. So we're trying to keep it as local as we can.



Exhorder are best known for their 1990 classic album Slaughter in the Vatican. Their signature groovy sound had a huge impact on Pantera.


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