Faith No More’s Billy Gould becomes rock governor of 55th Gitarijada festival!

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 YouTube Channel: Zaječarski dnevnik

Billy Gould, the legendary bass player of Faith No More is about to become the rock governor of the 55th Gitarijada festival! Billy Gould opened the 55th Gitarijada festival at the infamous 3rd century Roman Palace Felix Romuliana on August 24th, where the governor of Zaječar Boško Ničić gave him the key to the city, which implies that Billy Gould will become one of the main people concerned with Gitarijada festival.

Gitarijada was held at Kraljevica, in  Zaječar from August 25th to August 28th. Gould stated the following: “It is an honor and I am flattered by the offer to become the rock governor of the oldest music festival in the Balkans. I’ve listened a lot about the Gitarijada festival and I know about its history, but I never had a chance to attend the festival. This time I’ll stay in Zaječar and I believe that I will enjoy the concerts, and I’ve heard that the food there is great.

For the past 3 years, Billy Gould was frequently visiting Serbia. He even started learning the Serbian language and started the production of Yebiga rakija (Serbian national drink), which is present even in the US market.


YouTube Channel: Zaječarski dnevnik

Gitarijada (literally translated as Guitar fest) was founded in 1966 which makes it one of the oldest music festivals in Europe. Since 1974, Gitarijada was organizing a battle of the bands. Other than demo bands that were competing once again at the festival, the “major” acts that performed this time were Bajaga i Instruktori, Piloti, Ritam Nereda, Van Gogh, Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša, Goblini, and others.

Previously, Gitarijada was headlined with the likes of Billy Idol, Saxon, Girlschool, Steve Lukather, Guano Apes, and others.


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