Full of Hell will release a new album in May!

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Full of Hell will release a new album in May!

Here’s some good news! Full of Hell have just announced via their Facebook that the band is going to release a new album titled Weeping Choir on May 17th via Relapse Records. The band has also released a video for their new song Burning Myrrh. You can pre-order your copy here 

Here is the official statement of the band:

WEEPING CHOIR was produced at God City in December of 2018. The spiritual follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed TRUMPETING ECSTASY in every sense, Weeping Choir pushes the envelop ever further down the rabbit hole. Now frequent collaborator Mark McCoy is once again at the helm for artwork, perfectly distilling the themes and sounds into a physical art form. The result is yet another mind numbing and virulent statement in the expanding catalog of FULL OF HELL.”


Weeping Choir Tracklist:

1.Burning Myrrh
2.Haunted Arches
3.Thundering Hammers
4.Rainbow Coil
5.Aria of Jeweled Tears
7.Armory of Obsidian Glass
9.Angels Gather Here
10.Ygramul The Many
11.Cellar of Doors


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