Graveyard – Vacation Dinner at the Morgue

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Graveyard – Vacation Dinner at the Morgue


Band: Graveyard
Location: New York, USA
Release: Vacation Dinner at the Morgue
Genre: Political deathnoise/grindcore/death/black metal
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Metal Archives page:
Pro Sny Records:
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Damn right! This is one of the coolest titles you’ll find in metal! Vacation Dinner at the Morgue is a 1993 demo from the New York based the political death noise band called Graveyard. And yeah, that artwork suits the wickedness of this release perfectly! I bet you never saw aliens, upside-down crosses and graves in one single artwork!  Now that Graveyard has their own Bandcamp page, you can buy Vacation Dinner at the Morgue for just $6,66!  And damn, just take a listen to this stuff! Those demonic vocals mixed with head-chopping riffs will get you in the mood for some major headbanging! Just pretend that you’re 23-years-old and it’s 1993 again! Warning: tremolo violence & wah-wah abuse may make you ears bleed!

Graveyard’s previous album, Opus V was released via Pro Sny Records on February 7th 2018. You can check out our review of Opus V here. That album was #16 on our list of top 40 metal albums of 2018! So, make sure to check it out and buy it as well!  The band is also working on a new album called The 6th Extinction which will be released by the end of this year. You can check out some of their new stuff  from the latest Graveyard / Faith ov Gestalgt split here!

Vacation Dinner at the Morgue tracklist:

Destroy Yourself (04:28)
Chewed Priest (04:09)
Immune to Burial (02:07)
Die, Die, Dead (03:55)

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