Help Boundary vocalist, Goran Pavlović, to pay for his medical treatment!

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Help Boundary vocalist, Goran Pavlović, to pay for his medical treatment!


Sad news for the Serbian/Austrian metal scene.  The vocalist of the band Boundary, Goran Pavlović, had a stroke and his condition is getting worse. Here is the official info from the band’s Facebook page: „Today we have some sad news that we cannot longer withhold from you.Our singer Goran suffered a stroke last week. The incident occurred after visiting a fitness center last Thursday. He had a very severe headache and his ability to speak had failed. He is still at the hospital right now and the doctors treat him very well. We will give you updates as often as we can but please understand that all our energy is now spent into his recovery. We totally want to hit the stage again but first of all he has to get well. Leave us some comments if you want us to tell him something!”  Things got even more complicated since Goran is hospitalized in Austria and since he is not a citizen of Austria, he has no medical insurance: Goran has left the hospital. He sent me a message today, saying nothing more than "Pusi kurac budalo"(Serbian for: Suck it, fool). You can't imagine how happy I am right now! We want to thank everyone out there who sent us messages for him and who was participating in this situation! While he is recovering right now, the rest of us are facing a different problem. As many of you might know, Goran is not an Austrian citizen. He actually had no insurance when the stroke happened so we have to collect nearly 10.000€ to pay the bill he received. We've now set up a PayPal account for  donations: . Merchant ID: P4VW7RBCR9TYG . Every small amount would help us - and of course especially Goran - a lot!"

The band has also announced a humanitarian gig to aid Goran’s struggle:

"Hey Fellas
Chris, Bernie and Stefan are celebrating their Birthday together like last year. This time it takes place at the famous Addicted to Rock Bar & Burger. But this time we have a special thing going on. As you all know, our vocalist Goran was in hospital after suffering a stroke and now he is sitting on a huge bill... So Chris and Bernie decided to make a DRINK FOR GORAN SPECIAL. We will build up Merch you can buy, we will have some Donation Boxes and some special Drinks waiting for you!!Chris, Bernie and Stefan don't want any gifts, just a lot of fun and some drinks.... and of course any kind of company is also very welcome to our Getränkeunfall!"


Facebook page:

BoundaBoys Birthday Smash vol. 2 dedicated to Goran Pavlović of Boundary:

 Please make sure to donate. We are talking about a 10 000e medical bill! . Merchant ID: P4VW7RBCR9TYG

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