Iconic Slovenian band, Laibach, to perform in Belgrade!

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Iconic Slovenian band, Laibach, to perform in Belgrade!


Legendary Slovenian industrial/avant-garde band, Laibach, will perform in Belgrade, Serbia on December 4th. The concert will be held in Kombank Dvorana. The event starts at 21H and ends at 23h. The band is currently on tour, promoting their latest album The Sound of Music (2018). This album was created during Laibach’s historic performance in North Korea in 2015, during the celebration of 70 years anniversary of North Korean independence. Laibach was the very first band from the West to play in the communist North Korea. Their latest album contains songs from that infamous show as well as the songs recorded for the documentary „Liberation Day

Tickets for the show can be bought from September 24th via GIGS TIX, ONLINE: (http://bit.ly/LaibachBelgrade) or at the venue Kombank Dvorana. The event is powwered by: Balkan Art Collaboration.



Golden zone: 3690 RSD
Zone 1: 3190 RSD
Zone 2: 2690 RSD
Zone 3: 1990 RSD

Lože Parter & Balcony: 3490 RSD
Lože Međuspart: 4490 RSD.

You can check out tickets here: http://bit.ly/2kHJLvS

The audience in Belgrade will have a chance to hear both old and new songs, as well the ones recently written for the SCI-FI movie Iron Sky The Coming Race.

Laibach was formed in 1980, in Tribovlje, Yugoslavia. The band’s name means Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia) in German. The band has released 8 studio albums. New album Party Songs is on the way.

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