Mailbox Assault episode #1

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Well, if you aren’t familiar with the Mailbox Assault concept, we want to make sure that the bands that contact us get some space on our website. And of course, the accent is put on underground acts from all over the world! Therefore, we’ll make sure to provide some brief info about the bands! It’s up to you to check them out!

Pathos & Logos


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These guys are an instrumental progressive metal band from Northern Colorado, US. featuring members of The Caveat, (currently on hiatus) Kyle Neeley on the guitar &  Paul Christiansen on the drums. They have released a single - „Black Budget”  in November 2018 via Digital Empire Media.  Pathos & Logos’ music incorporates djent, prog-rock & jazz fusion elements and it will surely make your jaw drop down to the floor!




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is a Cypriote Greek death metal band from the city of Nicosia. They have released their debut album – Cosmic Apostasy in September 2017. Here is how the band portrays their own stuff: The philosophy behind the band is Nihilistic. That is to say, the belief that existence is meaningless and that there is no inherent meaning in anything we do, think or experience. The lyrics revolve heavily around misanthropy, cataclysm, self-destruction and a desire of non-existence. If you love death metal, give these guys a listen!




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Surgery is a death metal band from Slovakia. They have two albums out, Desent (2012) and Absorbing Roots.The latter was released in 2018 via Support Underground record label! If you’re looking for some straightforward, brutal, in-your-face bashing you shouldn’t skip this!  P.S. Kudos for the album cover!

Obszön Geschöpf

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A French industrial-thrash metal band. No matter how crazy that sounds, you’ll get into a major headbanging frenzy after hearing their new stuff! They are about to release a new album Master of Giallo via Sony Music/Darkstar Records. Their latest single Body Pieces feature some big guests:  Fabien Desjardin ( BENIGHTED ) , Adam Philipps ( PRO PAIN ) , Eric Forrest ( ex VOIVOD / E-FORCE ) , Kevin Wood ( MALFUNKSHUN ), Dave Sherman ( ex THE OBSESSED / SPIRIT CARAVAN / EARTHRIDE ),Franky Costanza ( ex DAGOBA / BLAZING WAR MACHINE ).

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