Overkill to release a new album in February 2019!

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Overkill to release a new album in February 2019!

Legends of East Coast thrash metal Overkill, have just finished recording their new album.  According to an interview with Overkill's bass player D.D. Verni at  SiriusXM's "Trunk Nation", their 19th studio release will probably be in music stores in early 2019: "We actually just finished mixing the new record — just buttoned it up two days ago. I just got the final sequencing and all that, so that's all buttoned up. We're working on the cover now. We still don't have a title — we're gonna have to come up with that soon — but we have a lot of things floating around. And the new release will probably be in February.”  When asked about what the new album was going to sound like, Bobby Blitz said to Brian Aberback of Patch.com : What I notice about it is that there are parts of it that delve into really classic heavy metal that are spawned off the riff. There's kind of a brutal metal riff and then there's a heavy metal riff. The brutal riff being more in the modern sense of OVERKILL but the classic riff goes back into the feel of 'Feel The Fire''Taking Over''The Years Of Decay' kind of influence.


This album will be the first to feature the new drummer, Jason Bittner (Flotsam and Jetsam, Shadows Fall). Overkill’s latest studio album The Grinding Wheel was released on February 10th via Nuclear Blast.  Тhe band also released a DVD titled Live at Overhausen on May 18th via where they  played their Feel the Fire and Horrorscope albums in their entirety, celebrating the 30th and 25th anniversary of both albums alike.

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