Premiere: Graveyard release a shocking video that deals with the horrors of meat industry

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US metal masters Graveyard have just released a new video for the song The Slaughterhouse Experience. As the title suggests, the video deals with the horrendous practices of the meat industry. Gotta love your murder-burgers! 


The Slaughterhouse Experience is the 6th song from Graveyard’s latest album – Time Ran Out. You can buy your copy here!

Graveyard’s previous studio albums are Opus V (2018) and The 6th Extinction (2020). Opus V was ranked #16 on our list of top 40 metal albums of 2018, while The 6th Extinction ended up at #12 on our list of top 55 metal albums of 2020. In case you missed our interview with The Raz, you can check it out here!



Graveyard is:

The Raz – guitar, vocals

Custodian Killer – guitar

Thunder - drums


Time Ran Out tracklist:

Killed in Jail

Gruesome Forest

Generation Gulag

Spiritually Deformed

The Slaughterhouse Experience

Fed to the Wood Chipper

Don't Get On That Ship

Tortured to Death

Time Ran Out

Graveyard facebook page:



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