Pyrrhon release a new track – Another Day in Paradise. Abscess of Time album in June!

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Pyrrhon release a new track – Another Day in ParadiseAbscess of Time album in June!


That’s what we need! Dissonant death metal gurus, Pyrrhon, have just released a new track titled "Another Day in Paradise". For those of you who like the noisier side of death metal, you have no excuse but to pre-order Pyrrhon’s latest album - Abscess Time which will be released on June 26th via Willowtip Records. The album was mixed and mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Behold the Arctopus). The artwork for the new album was done by Caroline Harrison who did all the artwork for Pyrrhon discography so far. New album will contain total of 12 tracks, and around 60 minutes of groudbreaking dissonance. Pyrrhon’s  previous album – What Passes on For Survival was released in 2017.

Here is additional info from the band's bandcamp page:

The vinyl version of Abscess Time includes the exclusive bonus track "Eternity" which takes up the entire side D of the second LP. This track is ONLY available on vinyl and is not currently found on any other formats or downloads it is exclusive to the physical vinyl only.


Pressing Info:

180 copies on Yellow and Purple Merge
320 copies on Random Mixed

All copies are mailed in ultra heavyweight vinyl mailers.

Pre-Order Abscess Time here

Abscess Time track list:

1)Abscess Time
2)Down at Liberty Ashes
4)The Lean Years
5)Another Day in Paradise
6)The Cost of Living
8)Human Capital
9)Cornered Animal
11)State of Nature
12)Rat King Lifecycle

Recorded, mixed, mastered in January 2020 by Colin Marston at The Thousand Cave, NYC

Album artwork by Caroline Harrison
Photos by Caroline Harrison

Pyrrhon is:
Dylan DiLella - guitars
Erik Malave - bass, vocals
Steve Schwegler - drums
Doug Moore - vocals

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