Ray Burton, the father of Cliff Burton has passed away

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Ray Burton, the father of Cliff Burton has passed away.


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 Sad news. Again. Ray Burton, the father of Cliff Burton dies at age of 94.  He passed away on Wednesday, January 15th. The information was confirmed by Connie Burton, his daughter and Cliff’s older sister. Agoraphobic News team sends condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.



After the tragic death of Cliff Burton, Ray Burton gave his blessings to then new Metallica bass player, Jason Newsted.  

Ray Burton gave a speech when Metallica got inducted in the Rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame in 2009. He stated:

My Name is Ray Burton. I’m Cliff’s dad. I just want to thank the  Rock N Roll Hall of Fame selection committee for selectig these wonderful young men behind me and… They’re a great group. The thing I always liked about them is you see them play in person and you just immediately get a big smile on your face. There’s something about them that just brings a smile on. It’s a degree of  happiness that they have. A great ability to perform that way. But there is one person that I want to mention…the person that I think was Metallica and certainly Cliff Burton’s greatest fan. And that was Cliff’s mother Jan. And with that I thank you very much and enjoy the rest of the evening.

GibsonTV interviewed Ray Burton on June 14th 2019. In this interview, Ray talks about the early years of Metallica and Cliff Burton’s musical background. He also stated that Orion is his favorite Metallica song and shared a story about Cliff’s home recording of this infamous instrumental. This is probably his last interview.




 Dave Mustaine stated on his twitter account that Ray Burton was there when Megadeth played In My Darkest Hour, a song dedicated to Cliff Burton, for the first time.

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