Soundtrack to the Weedpocalypse - 42 bands that worship the sweet leaf!

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Soundtrack to the Weedpocalypse – 42 bands that worship the sweet leaf!

Oh boy! It’s 4/20! We made this list in celebration of the one and only plant that brought happiness and peace to the world...and a bunch of good bands/songs/albums! Can you imagine the world of music without marijuana? Of course you can’t!  Therefore, we bring forth our Soundtrack to the Weedpocalypse - a list of the best 42 bands that worship the sweet leaf! We mostly limited the list to metal bands that are in awe of the green thing!  And remember kids, legalization means decriminalization of your local governments!

42) Hand of Weed – Sludge Tooth

Kudos for the band name! Now this is some serious stoner metal bashing all the way! Amazing production, amazing riffs!  Hand of Weed will plant you on the other side! .P.S. Bogarting is a sin!


41) Abduction – Weed sells…and We’re Buying!

THRASH! This band actually sounds like Violator from Brazil! They have these unstoppable, head banging riffs that carry the whole thing through! Simple, fast and brutal! And shout out for the song title!



40)  King Weed – Doom On


Ah, the artwork! It’s pretty damn fresh, if you have in mind that the actual album was released in 2018. Stoned Meadow of Doom is streaming this one, so you have an idea what you’ll get from it! Beware the Serial Stoner! HAHA!

 39) Gandalf the Green – King of the Ashes

I defy all who won’t pass! Gandalf the Green is definitely one of the coolest band names in stoner metal! They’re a pretty young and underground band with only one EP out called King of the Ashes. That name will actually make you wanna smoke a blunt!


 38) Stoner Kebab – Superdoom


And kebab was never the same again! Stoner Kebab’s Superdoom is a band that seems heavily influenced by Melvins (according to this song, especially the singing!)

 37) Acid Witch - Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre


That song title brings the laughs! For some reason unknown, these death metal growls fit really well!  A fine mix of rock n roll and death metal!


36) Disturbed – Fire it up

Just for the laughs! Here is Disturbed’s tribute to the sweet, green leaves! And as the title suggests, the only thing that’s left for you to do is Fire it up!

 35)Blunt – Blunt


Really diggin’ the vocals! Brought to you by The Bong Druid of Mammoth Weed Mountain! And you better be listening to the whole album while doing your daily ritual!  Pretty chillin’ stuff! With some cool artwork!

 34) Oozing Wound – Call your Guy

One of the funniest song names on this list for sure! And the guy is supposed to be working 24/7! Oozing Wound keeps on delivering some weed-induced madness! This song will stone your head and create BLUNT force trauma! Kudos for the vocals! One of a kind!


33)VoidtripperBastard Smoker

Classic stoner vibes here! You go to the riverside on a sunny day and bring your stuff with ya! Voidripper’s Bastard Smoker is a chillin’ tune for sure! These mantric riffs won’t get out of your head easily!


32) Weedruid – Into the Acid Swamp

Now here’s a weed-oriented instrumental stoner state-of-art band! This is surely a surreal  psychedelic sonic trip! And that artwork says it all! Brought to you by Stoned Meadow of Doom


31)TrollThe Holy Weed Cult

Nasty album cover, is it not? Well, this song has some chillin’ vibes of the long pipe druids from the forest! And just wait for it to explode! The vocals just can’t be heavier and the riffs are stunningly awesome! This track is stoner heaven if you ask me!


 30) Anvil – Sativa

Speed metal! Oh yeah! Anvil always put the power in the first place! And besides, if they were smoking indica, this song would probably be 5 times slower or something. And damn, this tune reminds me of some Deep Purple song… P.S. Fuck indica!

 29)Testament – Canna Business


Without a doubt, the thrashiest song from the list! Bay Area thrash metal masters, Testament, are pretty loud and open about the issue of legalization! And as time goes by, legalization spreads like a smoky plague!

 28)Sacred Reich – Ask Ed


An ode to childhood! And we were all flying high in these years!  Sacred Reich’s Ask Ed will evoke some of our earliest pot-related memories! This is actually a pretty stoner-rock oriented song!

 27) DopeHammer – Reign in Bud

The highest video budget on the list so far! The slams are strong in this one! No matter how frivolous the guy in the Deadpool mask is, you have to give him credit for the magnitude of his musical work!  Highly recommended!

 26) Weed Demon – Stoned to Death

Now that’s an unpredictable album title! Don’t be fooled by it! Weed Demon has a pretty interesting and unique vibe going on! This is a must listen for everybody! Weed Demon is another band coming from the riffland of Stoned Meadow of Doom! Killer stuff!



25) SST – Weed and Cheeseburgers

The song title is stupid to say the least, but these guys are not to be messed around with! A new generation thrash metal with more than solid riffs! Better than most young thrash bands today! On to the spot, simple but still brutal enough to get the pits and blunts rolling!


 24) Weedcraft - Satan/Fuzz/Weed


DAMN! Just take a look at this album cover! It has an occult 60s vibe going on! This song actually sounds as if your brain is getting soaked in a black hole or something! PURE EVIL that comes with 3 key components – Satan, fuzz & weed!


 23) Cannabies - Sativa Syn

Some pretty brutal, yet pretty unknown Indonesian death metal! And it’s pretty slammin’. We couldn’t find the lyrics but this song is surely about some exotic, Indonesian stuff! And just for the record, their previous release is called Green and Noxious!


 22) Bong – Trees, Grass and Stones


Oh my! Enter Chernobyl and the power of 60s hallucinogens! They are labeled as psychedelic drone, whatever the fuck that means… So let’s face it, a band with an album cover like that just couldn’t go anywhere without a sitar! A couple of minutes, and you’re a fan! 100%!

 21) Bongripper – Reefer Sutherland


A supersonic blow to the head! Coming from the album Hippie Killer, Bongripper’s track Reeer Sutherland will surely weed out the weak! These are some mean, weed-laced riffs we’re talking about! Gotta love the transition from super-heavy, head-chopping riffs toward a calm, clean part! Breathtaking!

 20) Belzebong – Bong Thrower


Belzebong paying tribute to the Birmingham death metal gods – Bolt Thrower! If you catch these guys live, you can trade weed for their merch! The mantric riff madness of Bong Thrower will hit you right in the head!  A fair deal if you ask me!

 19) Weedeater – Weed Moneky


Gotta love Weedeater! Dave Collins’ raspy, eerie-as-hell vocals are one of the kind! Kinda similar to Muleboy… Weed Monkey is one of those songs whose mastodonic riffs will bring you to the stone age (no pun intended)! Pure, hashishian EEEVILLL!

 18) GWAR – Nitro-Burnin’ Funny Bong

Bow down to the scum dogs of the universe! Punk & sunshine is the vibe of this song! And the lyrics are standardly funny for GWAR and they actually portray the bad side of it all, but hey, you only live once!  REST IN PEACE, ODERUS URUNGUS!



17) Six Feet Under – 4:20

Chris Barnes loves his weed! Big, thick, mantric riffs are made by even bigger blunts. Six Feet Under wishes you happy 4/20 y’all! And when you see Chris Barnes, throw weed at him! Ahh…that bong water sound!

 16)Tool – Rosetta Stoned


That artwork is like „stoned to death, eaten out by depression“ kind of thing. And oh boy, Rosetta Stoned keeps on delivering! This 15 minute track is a journey through all corners of the universe!

 15)Rush – A Passage to Bangkok

A song about the international marijuana tourism! Do I even have to underline that every song coming from 2112 album RULES!? And isn’t smoking weed and playing music around the globe the best job you can have? The exotic, oriental vibe of this song is staggering!


 14)D.R.I. - Thrashard


No words in this world can describe my admiration towards D.R.I.’s lyrics! Like Wild Indian from outer space/ Drunk and high on weed! Isn’t that the funniest reference about weed? Gotta love the pioneers of crossover thrash!


 13) Bongzilla – Budgun/ T.H.C.

The dirtiest and the meanest of the bands! Bongzilla is keeping it raw, stoned and dirty! This band is a must-hear live! Muleboy is THE weed-master! Always loved the vibe Bongzilla gives! The message is clear:

LOAD BONGS, NOT GUNS! If you want to blow sky high
Take another hit, let’s fly!

 12) High on Fire – Fertile Green

Remember these guys? Matt Pike really knows how to make things ultra-heavy! This song is kinda subtle weed-growing tutorial for dummies! It gives you some hints about the process and how to get yourself some nice green harvest! Wicked song! Wicked band! HIGH ON FIRE rules!


 11)Municipal Waste - Born to Party

MUNICIPAL WASTE IS GONNA FUCK YOU UP! Now this is an ode to hedonism! Come on, we are talking about The Art of Partying album! And what kind of party can go without weed?

Onward next to your case
Smoking your wee
Smashing your face
Municipal waste is gonna fuck you up!


 10) Populaton Reduction – Taking Bong Rips in the Tombs of the Blind Dead


This is why I love grindcore! The bands are satirical all the time! And they aren’t afraid to mix humor with politics and serious issues in general! However, before you lies a pretty long and hilarious song title that actually sounds freaking brutal! It’s a pity that this band only has one album out – Each Birth a New Disaster. And boy, their song titles embody the spirit of Seth Putnam and Anal Cunt!


9) Cephalic carnage – Veritus Indica (The Marijuana Convictions)


Arguably one of the sickest, if not THE sickest song on this list! With a song title like that, Cephalic Carnage will spark your imagination! The poetic, out-of-this world title of  Vertus Indica (The Marijuana Convictions) is living proof that even weed can enhance your inner aggression and then transform it into a paranoid musical spectacle! And btw, am I the only one hearing Human Remains here? All this filth and dissonance is my cup of coffee, for sure!

 8)Brujeria – Marijuana


It’s hard to choose between Marijuana and Don Quijote Marijuana but when we heard EEEEEY Marijuana, we gave advantage to the former with a big grin on our face! And damn, we are getting old...kinds nowadays wouldn’t recognize the original song.  This is a parodied version of the infamous Macarena song. The original version is nastier than Brujeria’s lyrics-wise.  Viva la Mexico, guey!

 7) Cannabis Corpse – Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who is in the Bong Water


Is there any band that paid homage to pot the way Cannabis Corpse did? Don’t think so! These guys’ hilarious lyrics are mostly about the green leaf. And the song titles are references to the all-time death metal classics. An average stoner might find their music too brutal, but hey, who cares? And just try finding a song with a song title as long as this one!  I bet that most of the stoners can’t say Papyrus Containing the Spell to Protect Its Possessor against Attacks from He Who is in the Bong Water in a single breath! And make sure to check out our article about Cannabis Corpse in which we examined where these hilarious song titles are coming from!

 6) Pantera – Goddamn Electric


–źlmighty Pantera!  This band was keeping it alive and metal back in the 90s.  Cowboys from Hell were raising some hell back in the day! Try not to head bang to this song! And yeah, we chose this song because of the obvious reference: 

Don’t fake your life - inhale it And then you’ll know yourself! The change in you is goddamn electric!
And remember kinds: Your trust is in Whiskey, Weed and Black Sabbath/Slayer It’s goddamn electric!  


 5) System of a Down – Peephole


A song about pot escapism… Putting yourself together is the only way to solve the problems that you’re running away from! . Don’t you ever get stuck in the sky when you’re high!  This is a very schizophrenic song indeed! Serj absolutely killed it! In this tune, Daron Malakian delivered some of the most iconic solos in his entire career! Always loved the darkness and aggression surrounding SOAD’s first album MAN! System of a Down needs to reunite and rule the world once more!

 4) Down – Hail the Leaf

Hail the leaf! And shoutout to Kirk Windstein for delivering some stonerdellic, ear-ripping riffs! Among the sea of songs that celebrate the existence of our favorite plant, Hail the Leaf seems to be that one song that can set in motion  even the laziest stoners in the world! And as always, Phil Anselmo’s lyrics are bull’s-eye:


Let me feel stoned
Let that paranoia cut my head off!

 3) Electric Wizard – Dopethrone


GODDAMN! Well, everybody is familiar with the greatness of this song/album. Electric Wizard was at its peak with this one! It ain’t loud enough if the earth is not shaking while you’re listening to this masterpiece! This is probably the most brutal doom metal song (and album) of all time! These rancid drums will make you feel like as if you are Godzilla, destroying your local town and crushing all the weaklings that dare face you! And this track couldn’t go without a T.H.C. reference! Eternal gratitude to the green one! Too bad that the actual song doesn’t last for 20 minutes… The iconic album cover depicting a horned demon taking hits from the bong will put a smile on your face every time you see it, just like in the song!

 2) Sleep – Dopesmoker/Jerusalem


PROCEEDS THE WEEDIAN! Sleep’s Dopesmoker/Jerusalem is a surreal, 52 minute long narcotic experience. No matter what version you like more, you just have to give credit to Sleep for creating this unique piece of art! The weed priests and green herbsmen should serve their rightful king – Matt Pike! You need to be super straight edge to say: no weed was harmed during the listening sessions of this album! Lungsmen and Hasheeshians will worship this album forevermore!  I must confess that Dopesmoker vs Dopethrone discussion never gets old among the lungsmen. The lyrics will make you pack your stuff, put your gas mask on and head into the riff  filled land! Dopesmoker is a testimony to what Matt Pike, Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius can do if you lock them in a room full of opiates!


1) Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf


I guess we have a winner! Can you imagine how upset the people were when this song came out in 1971!? Most of you weren’t even born then! And it’s a no-brainer why we put “Sweet Leaf“ as number one on this list! I mean, come on! Black Sabbath has planted the seeds for generations to come! Need I remind you that Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward smoked some goood stuff back in the day! The cough from the start of the song is actually Tony Iommi’s cough!  Funnily enough, the song title was taken from the pack of Irish cigarettes which said „It’s the sweet leaf!“ Funny cigars. The best ones!


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