Suffocation will continue working without Frank Mullen!

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Suffocation will continue working without Frank Mullen!

In a recent interview with Derek Boyer of Suffocation at Namm via Heavy New York, Derek stated that the band will continue their career without the original singer Frank Mullen. However, Derek also stated that the band is looking forward to release a new album, that ...of the Dark Light, without the legendary vocalist:

"Frank knew for a long time that he was going to be out," states Boyer. "But he kind of just got it to the point where this was a good time for him to make it an official farewell run. He did his sign-off in North America, which was the run we did at the end of 2018. He's going to go sign off in Europe and sign off in Japan. He's going to say his goodbyes. But I think that last run in the U.S. was the last thing for him here. But I think '…Of The Dark Light' was an intentional last record for him. He just knew when the time was right, he was going to step down, it was just '…Of The Dark Light' was the record that was his last record."

Boyer also stated that the band is not putting a stop to their career:

Frank, we knew he's been talking about being done for a while.."It's one of those things you're definitely going to get another record out of the band. It's been tough jumping through hoops with 'Who's going to do this?' We have Ricky Myers from California, who's been doing a lot of the stuff for us. He's doing really well right now. You'll be seeing SUFFOCATION coming through your town. That's not going to stop. You'll see another record. We're not going to skip a beat. Frank is awesome. He's going to be missed, but the band is still a driving force."

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