Switzerland, Czech republic and Austria are labeled as Teutonic thrash metal on Wikipedia

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Howdy neighbor! Wikipedia is a pretty useful website for a quick info fix. But damn, they do get it all wrong from time to time. So let’s start with a direct quote from Teutonic thrash metal entry:  

Teutonic thrash metal would not only come from Germany, but also from Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland. The biggest band to come outside of Germany that were part of the scene was Coroner, a highly technical and progressive thrash metal band from Switzerland, that was noted for having dark lyrics and accomplished guitar work on the part of Tommy Vetterli (Who would later join Kreator).

I guess your mind is already fried…Come on! Who wrote this nonsense? Last time I checked, Teutonic thrash metal is a term used to label German bands such as Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Tankard, Holy Moses, Protector, Mekong Delta, Deathrow, Assassin, Exumer, Necronomicon, Paradox etc. Of course, Sodom, Tankard, Kreator and Destruction being labeled as “Teutonic Big Four“, as a US counterpart. I really have no idea who coined the term “Teutonic thrash metal” but the word “Teutonic” is there to sound more cool at least. It’s still million times better than the term Krautrock (a term coined by the British press in order to mock the almighty West German bands such as Can, Neu!, Faust, Kraftwerk, Amon Duul, Tangerine Dream etc.).

But let’s get back to our quote. Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerlad are a part of Teutonic thrash metal scene? Give me a break! It would kinda make sense linguistically, since Austria and German speaking part of Switzerland is where Coroner originates from. But how the hell did they get Czech republic in the equation? You know, Czechs were part of Austrian empire centuries ago! So yeah, if Teutonic knights won the battle of Grumwald in 1415 and if their drang nach osten succeeded, Poland would also be a part of Teutonic thrash metal scene (along with Lithuania, Letonia and Estonia previously conquered by Teutonic order!)  The Teutonic knights were doing it for the sake of metal. In the end, if anyone has a clue who coined the term Teutonic thrash metal, let us know. And yes, we gave you an official excuse to crank some good old German thrash metal!


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