Take a listen to new Terrorizer single!

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Take a listen to new Terrorizer single!

Grindcore pioneers Terrorizer have just released a new single – Invasion! After 6 long years, the band is back on track! New album, Caustic Terror will be released on October 12th via The End Records. From what we can hear, the new album will definetely put a big shadow over their previous release, Hordes of ZombiesCaustic Terror’s apocalyptic album cover and new single promise a lot! I guess that every grindcore fan is looking forward to this release!




1. Turbulence
2. Invasion
3. Conflict And Despair
4. Devastate
5. Crisis
6. Infiltration
7. The Downtrodden
8. Trench Of Corruption
9. Sharp Knives
10. Failed Assassin
11. Caustic Attack
12. Poison Gas Tsunami
13. Terror Cycles
14. Wasteland

Terrorizer is:

Pete Sandoval (drums)
Sam Molina (bass, vocals)
Lee Harrison (guitars)



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