Take a tour of Frozen Corpse Studio with Custodian Killer of Graveyard

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Long Island Heavy Metal History have just released an intervew with Graveyard’s guitarist Claude Pragnollia, aka Custodian Killer. Custodian Killer guides the interviewer around his Frozen Corpse Studio. He showed his huge guitar collection, including the 1970 Gibson SG with which he recorded last two Graveyard albums. Custodian also presented his guitar pedals and a HUGE vinyl collection that occupies a huge chunk of the studio.  Claude stated that the latest 2 Graveyard albums, Opus V  and The 6th Extinction was recorded in Frozen Corpse Studio. Graveyard’s guitarist also showed a “photo album“ of Graveyard’s promo flyers, all done in a DIY spirit. Custodian Killer then showed his hand-made collage artwork for Graveyard’s latest album – The 6th Extinction.  He then presented the artwork for Opus V: “That’s Saint Peter tormented by demons“. Custodian Killer then talked about Vacation Dinner at the Morgue and how that demo got its name.  “The eyes in the cover…that’s if you turn it upside down, if you turn this the other way, that’s Dan Aykroid from the movie Coneheads.“


Custodian Killer also talked about his palm surgery and stated that the recording of The 6th Extinction had started the moment his hand healed. The band also decided to record another album after Lemmy’s death by the end of 2016. Claude also explained the creative and recording process of this ultra noise masterpiece! He also confirmed that the band will release a new album: “It’s gonna be based on something different…It’s gonna be the next step after The 6th Extinction. We really don’t have the thing to say what it is right now but it will be probably something about ‘after people’ because obviously there’s going to be no humans on Earth by 2030 in my opinion.“

The 6th Extinction was released on March 13th 2020 via Prof Sny Records. You can check out our review here! Also make sure to check out our interview with The RAz of Graveyard here!

Order Graveyard's The 6th Extinction: https://graveyardthe6thextinction.bandcamp.com/releases
Graveyard Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PHILOSOPHIESOFTHEREALITY/
The 6th Extinction
movie - https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=142694653762062

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