Top 35 executions by Gwar

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Gwar is one of those masked bands that make Slipknot look like Teletubbies. For the past 40 years, these intergalactic monsters from outer space have a tradition of killing politicians, celebrities and musicians they don’t like, on stage. Their shows are pure spectacle. A live version of Colosseum, where  the amount of fake blood spilled cannot be repelled by any raincoats, umbrellas, carefrees or tampons.  Literal “Raining Blood” upon the bloodthirsty crowd & blood upon the stage! And Of course, these executions are to be seen a political satire in which Gwar kills all of their frustrations in this world in some sort of zombie ritual. Gwar even killed every American president on stage starting with Ronald Reagan. We tried to reconstruct Gwar’s hit list. Some of the executions were left out since they aren’t on Youtube, while some were excluded due to the poor VGA quality. So here is the list of the people Gwar killed on stage: President Ronald Reagan, President George H.W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, Nancy Reagan, Monica Lewinsky, Princess Diana,  Laci Peterson, Catilyn Jenner, Oliver North, O.J. Simpson, John Kerry, Mike Tyson, Al Gore, Paris Hilton, Arnold Scharzenegger, Mr. LordiJerry Garcia, Don Vito Corleone, Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II, Osama bin Laden, Michael Jackson, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Jerry Springer, Sarah Paliin, Snooki, Mitt Romney, Justin BieberSteve Wilkos, Tony Abbott, Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ, Satan, Cop, Burrito Supreme, James Balsamo, Dan E. Danger, Mr. Perfect, Gor-Gor, Decapitated, Corrosion of Conformity, Skullex the Janitor of Death, Queen Elizabeth II of England and others! This ain’t no Mortal Kombat but Gwar did some nasty fatalities over the years! So here is our list of top 35 executions by Gwar GWARTALITY!.

Happy 50 billionth Birthday Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus (August 30th 1963 - March 23 2014)  And Rest in Peace!

35) Gwar kills Jerry Garcia



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VGA quality for your safety! In this video, GWAR beheads Jerry Garcia while some Mr. Gigolo is butt-f**king him from behind on stage. Sounds like GWAR to me!


34) Gwar kills James Balsamo and Dan E. Danger



IN this short clip, Gwar kills actors James Balsamo and Dan E. Danger.  These poor souls get the same punishment Jerry Springer got back in the day. LOL



33) Gwar kills John McCain

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Even the presidential candidates aren’t safe! He put up a fight against the Bonesnapper  but in the end, John McCain also became a blood fountain!

32) Gwar kills Mitt Romney



That escalated quickly! Mitt Romney is another Republican presidential candidate who ended up being on Gwar’s hit list. And he got a clean execution, with a sword! The poor guy had to donate some blood at the delight of the audience!

31) Gwar kills Corrosion of Conformity 



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End of tour prank. This time, Vulvatron killed the stoner metal legends, Corrosion of Conformity. And the cameraman died too!

30) Gwar kills Skullex, the Janitor



Yes, Gwar kills Skullex, the Janitor in the Castle of Death! You gotta admit, this monster looks cool! This time, the monster shoots blood from his brains.

29) Gwar kills Jerry Springer



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“Shock Rock“ masters appeared at Jerry Springers’s show. But before that, they had to kill him while being on stage. The poor guy ended up being eaten by a giant monster called World Maggot.  You can also find Gwar’s whole appearance on Jerry Springer’s show on Youtube!


28) Gwar kills Osama bin Laden



There are a couple of ways Gwar dealt with this terrorist. They either open his scalp and he starts to shower the audience with blood, or they stab him with a machete. He deserves both! Just for the record,that Vlad the Impaler riff is brutal!

27) Gwar kills Steve Wilkos


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Apparently, Gwar’s hit list  is not reserved for politicians and crappy musicians only. One of their victims is Steve Wilkos, a TV show host. “Barack Obama, you ain’t got no  belts! Steve Wilkos, you ain’t got no fu**ing head!” (beheads him with a sword)


26) Gwar kills Snooki

Well it seems that this is some girl from the Jersey Shore. One of the sickest Gwar stunts if you ask me!! First they butcher her stomach, and then Snooki holds her Siamese twins babies in her hands.  Then she holds them by the umbilical cord while the green Gwar dude start punching it. Snooki then puts her severed legs around her neck. Gwar, you sickos!

25) Gwar decapitates Decapitated



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Another end of tour prank. Well, Vulvatron tried her best to decapitate the Decapitated. She slayed Vogg but Rasta was still standing despite the heavy blows he got from her. Vogg even woke up from the dead and attacked her with his axe. Lol.


24) Gwar kills Gor-Gor 



Now it’s the other way around. Gor-Gor starts attacking the heaviest band in the universe. But they strike back! Oderus pierced the giant monster with his long sword! Right though the head!


23) Gor-Gor kills Satan


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Gor-Gor, a giant T-Rex had a fight with Satan...and won! Not only that but Gor-Gor managed to bite Satan’s head off. And then, Oderus Urungus comes to the rescue, killing Gor-Gor with a huge dual-wielding sword!v


22) Gwar kills Mr. Perfect



I have no idea who Mr. Perfect is but it reminds me of Dr Manhattan on steroids. He gave a good brawl to the Gwar guys but they managed to cut off his hands only to be replaced with tentacles. And then, they smashed his skull. Oderus gives him a finishing blow with a sword! So metal!

21) Gwar kills Burrito Supreme


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I had no idea that a thing like Burrito Supreme exists! This one is actually pretty funny. Gwar starts a fight with this Shredder looking monster. Oderus cuts his palm and then cuts off his head when the 2nd solo starts. The monster is giving some extra blood to the thirsty crowd. Priceless!


20) Gwar kills Super Jesus



Truly an epic battle between good and evil. Oderus Urungus thrusts a spear in Jesus’ superbody armor! But holy shit! Jesus knocks down Oderus with one single blow to the head! The Bonesnapper gave a good fight. But then, out of nowhere appears Oderus with enhanced cold weaponry. Jesus’ head gets cut off as the fired crowd starts yaaying.


19) Gwar kills a guy!



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Yup. This is actually a pretty cool one.The poor fella was tied up to this thing, and then one of the Gwar guys came with a huge circular chainsaw and starts ripping his body apart. Limb by limb. The quality ain’t best but you can actually see something.


18) Gwar kills a cop!



Well, this is a hilarious one! A cop started hitting the almighty Oderus Urungus and then he got the proper punishment. First, Oderus chops his stomach open and the blood geyser starts shooting towards the crowd. Then, Oderus jousts him in the ass with a spear. Then, they carry him away from the stage on a spear. Just LOL!


17) Gwar kills Michael Jackson


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Well...face-lifting is pretty easy for people like Michel Jackson.  “I always wanted to know, is that your real nose?“ Plastic people are an easy prey for Gwar! And when Michel Jackson started bleeding and dancing I lost it! The amount of blood that the audience got was Gwartastic!

16) Gwar Kills Elizabeth II, the Queen of England


Elizabeth II, the Queen of England will outlive us all, but not on the Gwar show! The Gwar boys were mean to poor grandma. First they started throwing her baby among themselves.Then, Oderus hacked off her body and poor lady got her boobs’ menstrual cycle going on. Oh boy, the security guys didn’t see it coming and they surely look pissed off! 

15) Gwar kills Lady Gaga


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Oderus Urungus: “This person is here to be raped. I mean murdered. I mean HERE TO SING FOR YOU!” (laughs). To be honest it was a shocker when I heard that Lady Gaga was to appear in American Horror Story, but with this Gwar thing going on... I was more shocked how the whole sketch looked. I mean, who would expect Lady Gaga to wear a toilet dress with a big gooo gooo in her hair that she occasionally throws at the audience..They described her music for what it is LOL! And yeah, this one shouldn’t go without the boob-blood gun!


14) Gwar kills Marilyn Manson



From the Gwar’s movie It’s Sleazy. The poor guy gets killed by Oderus Urungus, Slymenetra and Mattron. They first tortured him with Timmy the Talking Toilet. You see Gwar, no-talent loosers like that have stolen the power of your tablet to become cheesy celebrity. Oderus Urungus: Can we do that too? – You’re not monsters. You’re beautiful people! – And you are a c*ck sucker! Marilyn Manson:  You guys should go back to art school! And basically they completely skin him alive :D.

13) Gwar kills Jesus



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It’s hammer time! Who would have predicted this execution? Bonesnapper had no mercy for Jesus and started hitting his nails. That’s so metal to say the least! The green guy chops Jesus’ legs off and throws ‘em to Oderus who then simulates sex with them. Then, the green guy skins Jesus “alive“ and makes a high five with Jesus’ arm that had been previously cut off.This execution makes black metal bands look like little girls when compared to the almighty Gwar!


12) Gwar kills Satan 


I have dog tits attached to my penis. – Nothing like that is required. Satan: Just one little thing. Get over here and suck my f**king c*ck! Oderus: No problem!....I don’t want to suck your c*ck! You f**ot! And then, the epic battle between evil and evil starts. Satan even buttf**ks one of poor little Gwar minions. Oderus cuts off Satan’s hand and he starts blood showering Gwar’s fans. Oderus finishes him off by beheading Satan with his bare hands. How metal is that? And as if that wasn’t enough, Oderus started deepthroat…I mean deepnecking him. Satan took one for the team!


11) Gwar kills Adolf Hitler 



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Oh boy, this was satisfying to watch! Hey Oderus, I hope you’re  ready for the blast from the past! This guy is a real gas! Adolf Hitler started one of his speeches while holding a swastika in his hand. Hey Hitler, let’s not forget that you’re a fu**ing ass**le! With a little help, Oderus Urungus skinned him alive. And “poor” Hitler started shooting blood from his head! Oderus also plucked his brains out!

10) Gwar kills Pope Francis


Bless you! Bless you! Not you, you are ugly!“ Oderus Urungus: Woah, if it isn’t the new pope? The one that spent years in the paypal palace.The one that was being cruel to gays. Do you know the pope is responsible for the Holocaust? - What kind of name is Francis anyways? - That’s a girls name. - The pope is a gay girl. - You are a gay girl. Believe there’s nothing wrong with that but you just suck! And the crowd was chanting: KILL HIM! KILL HIM! “And let me ask you this.  What pope hasn’t been gay?” Pope: Holy father, unto your hands... AAAARRRGGH (head chopped off). And yes, the audience got the mandatory sprinkle, sprinkle! The audience was delighted! Pope Francis’ head went on a vacation! We knew Gwar are fans of Nuclear Assault’s “Hang the Pope” and Exhorder’s “Slaughter at the Vatican”!  Pope seems to be a really good blood donor!  


9) Gwar kills Donald Trump



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This one is a tie! We couldn't make up our mind which video to choose, so we put both instead! “In fact we are aliens, Trump, and I think you’re racist“. As the band was playing the song "El Presidente", Gwar skinned Trump alive and the blood was gushing out from his stomach to the audience, Kill Bill style. In addition, Trump was executed while Gwar was playing the AC DC’s classic – "If you want blood,you got it"!  And the security was wearing red raincoats. The boys were ready for blood in advance hahahaha!



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8) Gwar kills George W. Bush


Taken from the 2004 War Party Live DVD. George Bush JR. was chained and tortured to death. He was even masturbating while this sadistic torture occurred… probably to his war crimes, eh? Gwar ripped his guts apart and started taking out his organs while playing the song “You Can’t Kill Terror”. Oderus Orungus had his liver and heart dripping from his mouth, while this other guy started whipping Bush with his own intestines. Priceless! He deserves even worse!

7) Gwar kills Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton



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Apparently, Obama got his head smashed because he kicked Oderus Urungus’ penis - The Cuttlefish of Cthulu . Fun fact: his neck is bigger than George Corpsegrinder Fisher’s. Hillary started wrestling with Bonesnapper. And who would have guessed it? Bonesnapper bite her tits off and she set the audience ablaze. LOL! Not only that but they split her in half afterwards. I believe the last thing she saw was Oderus Urungus’ ass and then she got choke-slammed. HiLLarious!


6) Gwar kills Tony Abbott


Well, for those of you who might not know, Tony Abbott is an Australian politician who was the prime minister in 2013-2015, also the leader of the Liberal party. To our surprise, Oderus Urungus gave his  sword a home run to Tony Abbott’s head! Oderus stated for the AU review: The dude’s a fu**ing mutant. I mean he is a fu**ing mutant. Maybe, I think his ears are bigger than ever. I mean, a lot of people are talking about energy and energy crisis and the thing is, if you guys could harness the power of Tony Abbott’s ears to somehow catch the wind and propel machines through space, the time and gravity would be nothing, nothing you people! And all the people of Africa could eat Caesar salad every night.

5) Gwar kills Sarah Palin


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“Political commentary time! One thing I can tell you people! After tonight, you will never have to worry about Sarah Palin being your president ever again!” I don’t know if Lisa Ann’s porn Who’s nailin’ Palin? created some controversy but GWAR’s on-stage killing the Republican presidential nominee sure did. This is the reason why Gwar was kicked out of the Fox NewsRed Eye show, since the Republicans went mad about it (as if Bush’s execution wasn’t controversial at all). As Gwar mutilated her body with the sword while playing the song “Vlad Impaler Sarah Palin started whipping the band with her intestines. She even used it as a lasso on one of the Gwar members. Priceless!


4) Gwar kills Justin Bieber




I guess we were all waiting to see that! Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber, hated and loved by too many, got an on-stage execution. Oderus Urungus: Why are we killing Vanilla Ice? I mean, hasn’t he suffered enough? – Justin Bieber: What’s up guys, I’m Justin Bieber. Oderus: I saw you without makeup, you look like a woman! Ladies and ladies... Are you ready to make sure that Justin Bieber’s retirement is motherf**king PERMANENT! They started the execution by plucking his arms and doing high five with one of them. PRICELESS! Then, Gwar guys brought Justin Bieber’s lesser micro penis to light and started chopping off his chest. And as always,the audience got the bloooood.They actually executed him in the same fashion they killed president Bush (who btw has a bigger penis according to Gwar’s performance) by playing with his intestines. Poor guy lost his legs as well!


3) Gwar kills Kanye West and Hillary Clinton


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“Hello. I’m Hillary Clinton. I’d like to take a moment out of this Gwar show to let you know that I’m running for president of the United States. I announced the couple of months ago that everyone knows that metalheads are illiterate morons. While as a proof, illiterate morons traditionally voted republican, I’d still like to take this opportunity…” Kanye West: “Yo, yo, Hillary! I gonna let you finish but Beyonce make the best chickenizer in the town! The best of all town!” Hillary: “Oh Kanye, you rascal!” And then, Blothar the Berserker proceeds, peeling of Kanye’s face which Hillary starts kissing shortly after. And as Kanye West’s appearance looks strikingly similar to Vic Rattlehead, he sprinkles his blood in audience. If you check out 2nd video, you may see how soaking wet the audience is in Gwar’s blood. It even sprinkled fake blood in the guy’s camera a couple of times LOL. The Gwar singer then plucks of Hillary’s tits and it’s “Raining Blood” in the first couple of rows all again!


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2) Gwar kills Barack Obama





Who would have said that Mr feel-good president, who bombed 7 countries and won a Nobel Peace prize for it deserved such a barbarous act? Of course, we are talking about Barack Obama. He made one of the best speeches at Gwar show if you ask me!  "I am Barack Obama. You may or may not recognize me as the president of the USA. In only half of  the American people, and all the citizens of planet Earth, I would like to offer my deepest thanks to the rock group band GWAR. Gwar, you saved this planet from the extraterrestrial threat of unimaginable power. As a token of our undying gratitude, allow me to present you with this highest honor I can bestow, the presidential medal of ass kicking bulls**t!" Even though he got both the crown and the medal, Oderus Urungus smashed his head! Bruh, I never saw a GWAR execution where the victim got pelted with beers that hard! (Check the 2nd video!)


1) Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton



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If that ain’t cool I don’t know what is. When I see this deathmatch, the first thing that comes to mind is George R.R. Martin’s Battle of the Bastards. Heh.This is Gwar’s take on 2016 presidential elections.  Sleazy Martini: It’s time! For the second battle of the evening! This one’s not only for the belt but for the presidency of the United States!  First up, from Arkansas, eater of babies, carpets and too many other things to mention…That’s right, that’s Hillary, Heavy Artillery Rotten Clinton. Come on bitch, stay alive for just one more match. And her opponent, that’s right, from real demanded to reality star, king of the cobo buzz and casinos. Close personal friend and business partner of mine, Donald J. TrumpHillary Clinton started the fight really good and did a couple of WWE moves that knocked Trump down to the ground.Then, Trump got up and kicked the living shit out of Hillary. But she managed to hack his face off and turned the tides to her favor. Then, she started playing with Trump’s entrails. Trump was moved out from the stage while Hillary was showing his intestines to the audience. And then,  she started touching Blothar the Berserker’s penis and he ripped her tits off in self defense. It would have been better if they somehow managed to kill each other at the same time, since the band was killing both Republicans and Democrats on stage. And basically your choice is reduced to Scylla and Charybdis.

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Wht is your favorite Gwartality? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section! And smash those like & share buttons! Bonus video: Lemmy Kilmister on politics!

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