Watch the new Cannabis Corpse video – “Dawn of Weed Possession“, Nug So Vile album in November!

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Watch the new Cannabis Corpse video – “Dawn of Weed Possession, Nug So Vile album in November!


Richmond, Virginia-based death metal weedeaters, Cannabis Corpse, have just released a video for their new song called Dawn of Weed Possession. The video was directed by David Brodsky for MyGoodEye (  and produced by Allison Woest. The video features Tripp Watson as Stoner 1 and Josh "Hallhammer" Hall as Stoner 2 while the role of a cop was performed by Phil "Landphil" Hall. The video has an 80s horror movie appeal with some pretty gory scenes involved (Lowlifes and stoners deserve to be dead!)

The band will release their 6th studio album Nug So Vile on November 1st via Seasons of Mist.  Of course, Nug So Vile is a reference to Cryptopsy’s classic album None So Vile. Pre-order your copy here! The band has released 2 more videos for songs Cylinders of Madness on August 21st  and Blunt Force Domain on September 12th, You can check these videos down below. And make sure to check out our Cannabis Corpse special – Blame it on Bud! Where are these hilarious Cannabis Corpse titles coming from?  


Nug So Vile tracklist:

Nug So Vile (03:08)
Blunt Force Domain (03:43)
Cylinders of Madness (02:42)
Blasphemy Made Hash (03:40)
Cheeba Jigsore Quandary (03:23)
Edibles Autopsy (03:14)
Dawn of Weed Possession (03:27)
The Cone is Red (Long Live the Cone) (02:21)
The Ultimate Indica-ntation (03:57)
From Enslavement to Hydrobliteration (02;53)

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