Wicked Ways release a thrashing new song – No Excuse

14/03/2020 Articles Share

Wicked Ways release a thrashing new song – No Excuse


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Serbian thrash metal force, Wicked Ways, have just released a new single titled "No Excuse“. from their upcoming  5-song EP - Struggle is Real.  The EP was produced and mixed by Elio Rigonat (Kobold, Vicery)The band started as an Iced Earth tribute band called Stygian Flames and changed it’s name to Wicked Ways  in 2015 when they started writing their own songs. They have one demo behind them Insurgency of Time (2017). So if you’re up for some bestial thrash metal in vein of Exodus/Testament/Forbidden, give these guys a listen!

Wicked Ways facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wickedways1

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