Brujeria to release a new Trump II single!

07/08/2018 Video Interviews Share

Brujeria is one of those bands with a superstar lineup that really has something to offer. We had an opportunity to conduct an interview with their vocalists, Juan Brujo and El Sagron at Exit Festival. The guys revealed us the name of their new Trump II 7 inch vinyl single titled American Czar. They also mentioned 2 songs about Russia without going further into details. Regaring the new album, El Sangron said that most of the songs are finishe an that new stuff will be released next year- However, in this interview we discussed about Brujeria’s collaboration with Jello Biafra for their Raza Odiada album. The guys also recalled that they decide to make Brujeria after a Terrorizer show an paid their respects to the late Jesse Pintado (the founding member of Terrorizer and Napalm Death’s ex-guitarist). The interview just couldn’t go without the mention of bitterly hated Governor Pete Willson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown

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