Interview with Away and Snake of Voivod: The Wake is Chewy's masterpiece!

20/09/2018 Video Interviews Share

   Damn right! We had an opportunity to, once again, do an interview with Voivod! This time with the band leaders, Away & Snake! Since the new video for the song Iconspiracy was released on the same day we conducted the interview, Voivod guys told us the story behind it. They also shed some light on the upcoming album, The Wake,which Away called a „very complicated and prog rock...Chewy’s masterpiece“ Away also announced the upcoming book which will be released when "Worlds Away: Voivod and the Art of Michel Langevin"  gets sold out. Away also reveals the price of his artwork, for all the bands that want a proper Away album cover!

Snake also explained the importance of wearing a gas mask on stage as a part of the whole „nuclear character“ born out of the Cold War paranoia. The guys also recalled the genre's antagonism between metalheads, punks and skinheads back in the 80s and the mutual influence of hardcore and metal alike. Snake then recalls the 1986 European tour with  Voivod and Possessed. They also revealed that their visit to West Berlin had an impact on the  politically charged lyrics which can be found on Killing Technology album. The band also explained the lyrics behind the songs like CockroachesRavenous Medicine & Chaosmongers. The band then remembers  the time Piggy was diagnosed with cancer for the 1st time , back in 1988 and shared some killer stories regarding the late Voivod guitar master. The band also explains that the industrial surroundings of Canada had an impact on their lyrics. They also explained Jason Newsted’s impact on the band.

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