Interview with Chris Boltendahl and Axel Ritt of Grave Digger: New album is 100% Grave Digger!

15/08/2018 Video Interviews Share


Мinions! We had an opportunity to do an interview with Chris Boltendahl and Axel Ritt of the legendary German heavy/power metal pioneers, Grave Digger. The guys said that the new album,  The Living Dead will have „very strong vocal hooks, and very strong chorus lines“  and added that  you shouldn’t be afraid that it may sound like Dream Theater or something like that. Chris Boltendahl recalled the importance of Grave Digger’s debut, Heavy Metal Breakdown and he also shared the story related to the album War Games. Chris also talked about his interest in Scottish history, while Axel share some of his biggest musical influences. Enjoy!



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