Interview with Danny Lilker of Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth: Cliff Burton was a super cool dude!

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Interview with Danny Lilker of Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth: Cliff Burton was a super cool dude!



Danny Lilker is simply  one of the greatest heavy metal mercenaries of all time! He’s been lurking the underground waters of thrash, death, black metal, and grindcore for the past 30 years!  He is better known for playing in bands such as Nuclear Assault, Stormtroopers of Death, Brutal Truth, ex-Anthrax and if we had to name every band that he played on, we’d be sitting here talking endlessly until dawn. In this interview, Danny Lilker reveals some info about the upcoming tour with Nuclear Assault. Sadly, no new album, just playing classic songs from Game Over, Survive & Handle with Care . Danny also talked about the infamous Game Over artwork done by Ed Repka, the King of Thrash artwork. And also, he discussed the 80s Cold War paranoia that is embedded in the lyrics of many Nuclear Assault songs. He talked about the hate N.A. got for writing the song My America and then recalls smoking weed with Cliff Burton, the legendary bass player of Metallica. Danny talked about the Chernobyl disaster, and also about the 80s biggest man-made catastrophe Exxon Valdez Oil Spill that is related to the lyrics of Nuclear Assault’s biggest hit – Critical Mass. Danny also said that Nuclear Assault played in West Berlin somewhere between 1987-1989, before the fall of the Wall.


We couldn’t resist to ask Danny about the infamous Crab Society demo which was a huge influence for the creation of the British grindcore scene, and then he discussed the difference between British and American grindcore (and of course Brutal Truth).  Then, Danny talked about S.O.D., Live at Budokan, PMRC and also took some time to chat about East Coast vs West Coast thrash. By the end of the interview, he shared some of his memories related to Paul Baloff and Jeff Hanneman. And in the end, Danny announced a new split with Blurring & New York band called Cognisant. Enjoy!

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