Interview with Lars Petrov of Entombed AD: With Bowels of Earth, we’re going old-school in a fresh, new way!

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Interview with Lars Petrov of Entombed AD: With Bowels of Earth, we’re going old-school in a fresh, new way!


Damn right! We did an interview with the legendary frontman of Entombed AD at Exit festival! He said that the band will be on tour for the promotion of their latest album Bowels of Earth, but unfortunately, Entombed AD won’t be playing in Serbia again this year. We discussed Entombed AD’s cover of Motorhead’s classic song Back at the Funny Farm and Another Perfect Day album. Then, Lars talked about the latest Entombed AD album: „we go back to old school in a fresh, new way“! and described it as „very energetic“. Then, Lars recalled his time playing drums in his old band called Morbid. He also talked about the first time he met his Morbid bandmante Per Dead Ohlin. „We had good fun. Maybe he got depressed throughout the years, but when I knew him we were happy, we would drink beer, do music, sit at my mother’s house…drink beer, play guitar and stuff like that…He was a happy soul.Lars also mentioned partying with the original Bathory drummer, Jonas Arkrelund. Afterwards, Lars discussed about the similar melody that can be heard in songs: EntombedLeft Hand Path, Iron MaidenMother Russia and in King Diamond’s The Eye. Entombed AD frontman also talked about the impact that Left Hand Path had on death metal. He also mentioned the importance of having Dan Seagrave as an artist for two Entombed albums. When asked about whether he likes Clandestine album, Lars stated: „It’s a good thing that I don’t sing on it because it’s already good as it is…I don’t want to destroy it. But we play some songs from it too, because people wanna hear it“. When asked whether Wolverine Blues is the first death ‘n’ roll album, Lars stated: „I think so. I mean, we didn’t label it as death ‘n’roll. Other peoples did so. For us, it’s considered death metal.” Lars then talked about the difference between Swedish Gothenburg and Stockholm death metal scene and stated that there was no rivalry between the two scenes. He then continued talking about the Florida death metal scene and Chuck Schuldiner. When it comes to his vocal influences, Lars cited Lemmy as one of his greatest influences back in the day, and mentioned the Troy Dixler of Sindrome and Devastation. And finally, Lars revealed some of his favorite horror movies such as Evil Dead, Total Recall, New York Ripper, Phantasm and others.


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