Interview with Martin Van Drunen: Hail of Bullets is on ice!

08/08/2018 Video Interviews Share


Well, well, well... We were lucky enough to do the interview with the legendary frontman of Asphyx & Hail of Bullets in person at Exit festival!  In the first part of this interview, Martin discusses his early influences, the importance of The Rack and Last Man on Earth albums. He then talks about the importance of his Pestilence experience and recalles his time in the band and his contribution to albums like Malleus Maleficarum and Consuming Impulse, while  also pointing out the importance of Pestilence’s drummer Marco Foddis. He then mentions  his collaboration with Bolt Thrower and then, something more about the  current Hail of Bullets status.  In the last part of the interview, we discussed some politics, especially Worl War II, Stalingrad and Donald Trump. And yeah, Martin mentioned „tons of songs“ for the upcoming Asphyx album. Enjoy!

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