Interview with Max Cavalera: Ritual is „the closest thing“ to the first Soulfly album!

07/07/2018 Video Interviews Share


TRIBE! In an exclusive interview for our website, Max Cavalera reveals details about the upcoming Soulfly album which will be released on October 19th via Nuclear Blast!! Max called it “the closest thing” to Soulfly’s debut record! I strongly recommend you to watch this 35 minute interview to get more details about the new stuff! Besides the new album, Max Cavalera discussed Soulfly’s debut, Beneath the Remains album and songs like Inner Self, Dead Embryonic Cells, No Hope = No Fear etc… He also shared his view on Sarcophago’s music and the Brazilian metal scene, and also talked about the Brazilian junta dictatorship, and the exile of musicians during that era. Sick stuff! Soulfly also played their new track called Summoning. Max also shared a story about the Navajo tribe. Max also recalled the making of the video for the song Frontlines which was recorded in the ruins of the National Television of Serbia building bombed during the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia, back in in 1999. Max also recalled the media-dictated feud between Sepultura and Slayer. Enjoy!

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