Interview with Morgan of Marduk: Mayhem became the band they are when Dead joined them!

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Interview with Morgan of Marduk: Mayhem became the band they are when Dead joined them!

Minions! A few days ago, we did an inteview with Mr. Morgan, the guitarist of the Swedish black metal panzer division Marduk! Morgan talked about his love of checking out museums around the globe, and he said a few words about his time at Kalemegdan Fortress and his visit of Belgrade’s Military museum. We then talked about Vlad the Impaler, the key figure in some of Marduk’s earlier albums such as Opus Nocturne and Nightwing. Morgan explained the symbolism behind the Dark Endless album cover, which was done by Daniel Vala, the bassist and vocalist of the old Swedish band Obscurity. Then, Morgan talked about his admiration of Mayhem’s Per Dead Ohlin. He stated that „Mayhem became the band they are when Dead joined them.“ He also said that he wasn’t the biggest fan of Deathcrush when it came out.  Dead was „very serious about the things he was dealing with but still a very humoristic and fascinating personality.“ He also recalled his work with Euronymous in the early days. Morgan called him „one of the pillars of black metal musical scene.“ When asked about him having the pieces of Dead’s skull he stated: „So much as been written about it and it has become like a soap opera. People should leave it be!“ Then, Morgan explained the Blood, Fire, Death concept (eroneously called Blood, War, Death on wikipedia) which was inspired by the infamous Bathory 1988 album Blood, Fire Death.  This triad consists of Blood (Panzer Division Marduk) Fire (Nightwing) and Death (La Grande Danse Macabre). Morgan then discussed the German thrash metal scene and eastern scales in Marduk’s music. To our disappointment, Morgan is not a fan of Ved Buens Ende. In the latter part of the interview, Morgan touched on Frontschwein and Viktoria albums.  Funny enough, our chat with Morgan was longer behind the camera...Enjoy!


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