Interview with Patrick Mameli of Pestilence: Nobody liked Spheres album. They thought it sucked big time!

17/02/2018 Video Interviews Share


Patrick Mameli, the frontman of a cult Netherlands death metal act Pestilence is by far one of the most talented and yet very underrated guitarists within the genre. His band has been around for 30 years! We had an opportunity to do an interview with him in Novi Sad, Serbia. In this interview, Patrick discusses new album – Hadeon, Malleus Malleficarum and & thrash roots, Consuming Impulse and its album cover... He also discusses Pestilence’s aims for Testimony of The Ancients, 1991 tour with Death, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse and Dismember. He then talks about his work with the legendary bassist Tony Choy who also played in cult acts such as Cynic and Atheist. Then, Patrick openly talks about his dissatisfaction with Roadrunner Records & the horrors of the music industry and then focuses on Spheres album. The last part of the interview is about new Pestilence stuff – Resurrection Macabre, Doctrine and Obsideo. Enjoy!




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