Interview with Pete Sandoval: Terrorizer got its name after a Repulsion song!

22/10/2018 Video Interviews Share


Pete Commando Sandoval is a legendary figure in the grindcore/death metal world. His band Terrorizer have just released a new album titled Caustic Attack. Therefore, we had an opportunity to talk to him for more than 30 minutes! In this interview, Pete Sandoval talks about the new lineup and his collaboration with Lee Harris (the drummer of Monstrosity who is by the way playing the guitar in Terrorizer). He then cites Dave Lombardo as one of his main influences and also shares details about the impact that US and German thrash metal bands left on him. He then recalls the formation of Terrorizer, Jesse Pintado, and says that David Vincent (Morbid Angel) was sort of a session musician on Terrorizer’s debut album. He also states that Terrorizer got its name after a Repulsion song of the same name. Pete then shares a story behind the covers for albums World Downfall and Caustic Attack and expresses his views on the world we live in. In the last part of the interview Commando mentions Dominate, Pain Divine, Rapture etc. as some of his favorite Morbid Angel songs and then goes into detail about his back injury developed by his extreme drumming. What’s interesting is that Pete says that he was pushing himself too hard since day one in Morbid Angel and that his had condition worsened over time. Pete Sandoval also talks about the drum solo which can be heard on Morbid Angel’s Heretic album. And at last, he discusses the impact that Altar of Madness has had over the years.


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