Interview with Sean Worrell of Nero Di Marte: We will be touring Europe this year!

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Interview with Sean Worrell of Nero Di Marte: We will be touring Europe this year!


Lo and behold! After 5 years, we did another interview with Mr. Sean Worrell of Nero Di Marte. This time, we did a Skype interview, 45 minutes long. We chatted about a bunch of things. Sean recalled the 2016 tour with GorgutsNero Di MarteDysrhythmia and Psycroptic. Believe it or not, the tickets for that show were only 10 euros if I remember correctly. Sean stated that he is a big fan of Gorguts, which influenced Nero Di Marte more than Dysrhythmia. Of course, we discussed Nero Di Marte’s latest album Immoto. Immoto means motionlessness. It’s mostly in the lyrics, more than the music of course. But I wanted it to be, sort of…meditation, creation and relationships…finding your own motionless self from which you can truly create things that are meaningful for your life. “ states Sean. “

"The songs are tied through the atmosphere of the lyrics...suggestions maybe. They kinda complete one another, but the songs themselves musically, each song is kinda it’s own different thing.“ The concept is what bound all of the songs together both musically and lyrically." Sean stated that most of the songs on the new album are in Italian because “most of the words and certain phrases sound better in Italian.“ He continues: “I think Italian is such an expressive language. You can find really subtile meanings and different interpretations, much more than in English.“  When asked what the band wanted to achieve with the new album he stated: “We wanted to increase dynamics in our playing. We wanted things to flow better even if the songs were long. We just tried to get better at playing with each other…We wanted to develop a new sound. We wanted to try new things.” He also described the new album as “less aggressive, more open, dreamy, experimental” compared to the first two albums.  Interestingly enough, Sean stated that the band has 2 or 3 hours of unused material that didn’t end up on the record.  And it’s really cool to know that that we won’t wait for 5 or 6 years to hear another Nero Di Marte album, since the band is ready to start writing new songs “almost immediately“ and “maybe record something next year.“  


When it comes to the guitar and vocal influences on Immoto, Sean singled out Kayo Dot and  Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and cited Nils Frykdahl as his “favorite singer of all time.“ Sean also stated that it is not hard for him to balance between death metal and progressive fanbase. He described Nero Di Marte audience as  “very different, multi-faceted.“ The good news is that the band will be touring Europe, AND Eastern Europe this year during summer/autumn! We also discussed the Italian metal scene, present day music industry and the digitalization of music.  Sean also stated that he comes from a jazz-oriented family. His mother plays piano, while his father plays saxophone, flute and clarinet. He revealed that he picked up guitar when he was 8-9 years old. Sean also shared a story how he got into metal and named Judas Priest’s Painkiller, Metallica’s And Justice for All and Ulcerate’s Everything is Fire as metal albums that defined his guitar playing. He also shared his love for jazz such as Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders and named a few of his favorite contemporary composers such as: Stravinsky, Penderecki, Shostakovich and others. In the final part of the interview, Sean went in-detail about his guitar rig, pedals and equipment in general. “I always had kind of shitty guitars“ said the frontman of Nero Di Marte. When asked whether he’s a fan of Cynic, and he stated that he has been a fan since he was 15-16. (The interview was recorded before Sean Reinert passed away (REST IN PEACE)).  When it comes to the upcoming Nero Di Marte release, he said that he would like to record an EP with “some weird songs… a few covers.“


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