Interview with Vogg of Decapitated!

18/04/2016 Video Interviews Share

Interview with Vogg of Decapitated


The Almighty Polish 4-piece Decapitated are currently on Blood Mantra Balkan 2016 tour, supported by Hate, Thy Disease, Krysthia & Aktaion. These guys gave us hell and have set ablaze The Belgrade Youth Center, afew days ago. Hate reminded us what old school death/black metal is all about but obviously, icing on the cake was Decapitated's masterful performance. Reporting the whole event would be kinda just had to be there to believe it! Anyways, we couldn't resist conducting an interview with Mr. Vogg, a guitarist of such a caliber! (and that surely wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for our dear friend Lazar)


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