Sacramental Blood - Ternion Demonarchy review

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Sacramental Blood - Ternion Demonarchy review

 Sacramental blood (Belgrade, Serbia)
 Genre: Death metal
 Album: Ternion Demonarchy
 Record Label: Ghastly Music
 Release Date: 6th of May 2016


Serbian metal scene may be unknown by many. Yet some of the bands like Sacremental Blood definitely deserve to be heard by the fans of extreme music.

Being a journalist of metal music goes with the best privilege of them all - you get the promo like months before the actual release. I remember hearing their song, Destroyer of Thought and Form for the first time. I asked myself, how come that a band like this has no debut album despite the fact that they have been around  for more than ten years? However, the wait will pay out in the end. These guys really have something to offer!

Ternion  Demonarchy is a 36 minutes long masterpiece that will punch you in the face! Album itself is opened by a song called Demonized which stands for one of the rawest. Blast beats, both fast and slow riffs  followed by  furious solo that brings another dose of brutality will make your jaws dropped.  It is no mere coincidence that this song  reminds me of Nile's older works... these riffs are absolute killer! With Buildings  of Burning Flesh thing are getting  even more dynamic and tehcnical riff-wise, while drums tend to be thrashy as fuck. The next one, Nearest to the God is an injection of groovy death metal brutality right to your brain!  I need not to go into details for  Destroyer  of Thoughts and Form cause you can hear it on youtube as we speak! Sanctimonious  definitely stands out from the rest of the record - clean intro and slow melodic solo will give you about 30 seconds mini-break and all the sudden, the song itselfs transforms into groovy  sonic titan . Spooky demonic sounds and pretty effective background solo are bringing this piece unique state of atmosphere which will leave no one indifferent. Back vocals are done by   a guy called Marko Gospavic whose  death growls are as harsh as fuck! Once again,  death metal madness is interrupted by short acoustic intro called  The Relic, closely  followed by Livid Death Descends! which also stands for the one of the finest songs on the record.  Mindblowing riffs and drumming, awesome technical leaks excellent dual growl attack ...can we ask for more? Tapping riff in this one  is also cool but what I'm really glad is that Sacramental Blood's focus on technicality was never overemphasized, and that Ternion Demonarchy  doesn't sound like gneneric  tetris-metal wankery by any means. However, album is closed by Imposed  Resurrection,  which consists of both dissonant and melodic riffs, sick breakdown and excessive blast beats attack.

Sacramental Blood's Ternion Demonarchy is probably one of the finest releases  I've heard for a while.Their frontman's  crushing  growls  are bringing a whole new dimension to a record - Srdjan's vocals  irresistably remind me of Patrick Mameli , even of John Tardy to some extent and you probably know what that means. Lyrical concept of be summed  in a single verse this album can  easily - The  promise of heaven is nothing but a lie!   If you are a fan of Tampa Florida/ New York style of death metal, you should definitely buy their debut album!  There's a bright future for these Serbian death metal freaks if you ask me! 


Rating: 9.2/10

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