Soulfly - Archangel album review

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Soulfly - Archangel album review

Release date: August the 14th, 2015
Record label: Nuclear Blast

Max Cavalera (Vocals, rythm guitar);
Marc Rizzo (Lead guitars);
Tony Campos (Bass guitar);
Zyon Cavalera (Drums, Percussion)


Not so long time ago, the legendary Max Cavalera of Soulfly fame released his 10th „solo“ record, Archangel. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect because I was so stuck to the previous one - Savages. Funny thing is that Max dedicated every single Soulfly album to God, and therefore, the same deal is with this one one! Of course, the Christian theme is omnipresent in the lyrics - just look at the names of the songs like Sodomites, Archangel,Bethleiem's Blood. I guess that a lot of fans don't know that Max was baptized in VATICAN!!! This sort of blasphemy will probably not be tolerated by the trve black metal kids ov the frosty woods ov Mount Doom. Some of you might be whining like "Oh, Max sold his soul not to metal but to Judaeo-Christian propaganda" but as always, haters gonna hate, and you can't do a shit about it. That being said, Max can be described as an outcast/heretic of the metal world, which he kinda truly is. We should really give him a credit for that „fuck you all“ punk attitude he always kept inside. And by the way, it's good to notice that Max is interested in Ancient Greek & Middle Eastern history. Karl Sanders would be proud!

What I really like about Soulfly is that every album has an exotic flavor mixed with easy-to-listen riffs. Therefore, Archangel is no exception. Songs like Ishtar Rising and Shamash are filled with crazy eastern-sounding vibe. Not to mention the amazing Soulfly X instrumental which could be easily used as a soundtrack for some Middle-East based movie in the future. Sodomites, Archangel and Titans are the groovy ones. Those "in your face" riffs will make you fuck shit up! On the other hand, striking thrash/death songs like Live Life Hard!, Deciever, Mother of Dragons and Acosador Nocturno will leave none indifferent! The last one irresistably reminds me of some Brujeria song (althought, the lyrics are in Portuguese) However, Bethlehem's Blood just stands out from the rest of the record! When you hear those trumpets and acoustic guitars you'll know what I'm talking about! The band also payed homage to the grindcore gods, Napalm Death by covering their highly technical Guinness award-winning song - You Suffer! Now, not many bands have balls to do that!

If you liked the production on the previous album Savages, you won't be disappointed at all. Killer distortion and noisy background „leads“ played by Marc Rizzo give this record a really unique atmosphere (especially in songs like Archangel, Sodomites, Bethlehem's Blood, Soulfly X) It is clear that the present day Soulfly line up works like a charm. Zyon is pounding the drums like beast! He'll probably reach his uncle's status in years to come! Tony Campos did a great job on the bass, too. Max's vocals are catchy and aggressive as usual. If his goal was to present himself as a divine blasphemer of the metal world, I must admit that he succeeded in that misssion. In the end, Soulfly's latest album has proven to be something more than just the usual Blood, Fire, War, Hate kind of thing. Support the Tribe and buy this record! You definitely won't regret it !!!

Tracklisting :
We sold our Souls to Metal (3:00)
Archangel (4:47)
Sodomites (3:55)
Ishtar Rising (2:45)
Live Life Hard! (3:56)
Shamash (3:48)
Bethlehem's Blood (4:18)
Titans (4:44)
Deciever (2:44)
Mother of Dragons (2:41)

Bonus Tracks:
You Suffer (Napalm Death cover) (0:10)
Acosador Nocturno (2:45)
Soulfly X (5:42)
Rating: 8,7

Rating: 8,7


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